When Friends Visit

Do you have friends who know all about you,
who you are so comfortable with that it just doesn’t matter
what you say or do, you know they will understand.
We’ve heard each other’s hearts, listened to their cry,
laughed at stories, rolled our eyes at each other
and we are are still friends.
Yes, that kind of friend.

Last week friends came for the day,
this kindred spirit kind of friends.
Not all of our group was able to be here,
but at least these ladies came,
and their kids, we can’t forget them!

Ladies (1)

Ladies (4)
My little helper and I got the porch company ready.
It was forecast to be a warm day, but we used the porch anyway.
When you have a group this size, you need a bigger space than the kitchen.

Ladies (3)
She wanted to pick the eggs out of the nest.

Ladies (6)
Although we all live within an hour of each other,
we don’t get together often enough.

Ladies (5)
And speaking of the kids …
there were a lot of them, primarily girls!
If they didn’t know each other well before,
they did before they went home.

Ladies (7)
We had good food of course.
I didn’t make any of it, they brought it all.
That is what you call a good friend!

Ladies (8)

Ladies (10)
Whew. Finally, the kids are fed and on their way, now it’s our turn!

Ladies (12)

Ladies (11)
Since the kids took care of themselves for the most part,
we spent the rest of the day here.
It was one of those mind and soul refreshing days.
Time spent with friends is never wasted!

Now I’m ready for another porch party.
Who is next?


5 thoughts on “When Friends Visit

  1. Yes! Those kinds of friends are just the best, and I’m so glad for you that you got to hang out together. Your place looks absolutely amazing and restful and inviting and like the perfect place to retreat from the world for the morning to relax and enjoy being together. I’m coming next. šŸ™‚


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