These Days

Summer time has hit with a bang.
Busy all the time.
Weather has warmed up considerably.
The kids say they are ” sooooooo hoooooooot!”
I think they have already forgotten Jan.
The kiddie pool was filled.
And, then emptied due to a floating mouse.

The lawn keeps creeping up around our knees.
The dog rips over to the neighbors all the time.
One unhappy Mama has to go haul him home.
We have a wild case of poison ivy on 2 kids.
Company is coming, cleaning to be done.
Kids to organize with jobs…
One child comments, “I can’t wait to have kids to boss!”
And the mom flops into bed, exhausted.

This toad has taken up residence in a window well.
I would like to warn him for his own safety
that it would be best to find a new home.
Kennedy and Dakota catch him and play with him all the time.

The swing set is in constant motion while the laundry flops in the wind.

blog 6-11 (5)
All the swings are the same,
yet they always fight for the same one, every time.

blog 6-11 (3)
Samson loves to make his presence known with a big lick.
He will go lie down then, but there’s usually a greeting first.

blog 6-11 (4)

blog 6-11 (6)
Him + Her = frenemies.
If that is a new word to you,
take a close look at your children’s relationship with each other.
One moment, best friends.
Next moment, fierce fighting enemies!
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


The other day I hit the grocery store with all four of them.
I thought I just might lose my mind that day.
It was the busiest day of the month,
there really couldn’t have been many people still at home, I’m sure.
We were close to the only ones in Walmart not dressed in pajamas,
the lines were beyond long and all the people were whiny.
My gang was all getting a little testy to say the least.

After bagging our groceries at Aldi,
we walked past a lady and she stopped me and asked,
“Would it be ok if I gave your kids each a dollar for helping you so well?”
Wow. Didn’t know she was watching us.
She didn’t have enough ones so she gave me a 5 dollar bill and said,
“Go buy them some ice cream!”
And so we did.

blog 6-11 (8)
This is the newest rage here.
Cool whip bowls work for anything, hats, to carry things,
to hide stuff in, and including a potty when Moms not looking.

blog 6-11 (7)
He was eating Oreos and trying to keep the crumbs out of the water.
If you could see the water, you would shudder.
It was cluttered with grass and leaves.

blog 6-11 (1)
Meet Miss Sassy Pants.
We’re switching her name from Little One to Sassy.
The kids laugh and think it’s funny, but the mom doesn’t usually.
I told her to smile for a picture.
She says, “Cheeeeeese!”
Dakota, off to the side sounds in with his own “cheeeeeese!”
She glared at him and says, “This is not your cheese, it’s mine cheese!”
and promptly start smiling and cheesing again.

One reason I do not care for spaghetti.

blog 6-11 (9)
I told this toad to find a new home.
This time she brought him in the house.
That is only one of the reasons we clean for company!

Happy weekend to you.


5 thoughts on “These Days

  1. Love it all! How sweet of the lady to give icecream money! You got some good pictures:) . Ah being a mother during the summer time is crazy!


  2. I LOVED the comment about “can’t wait to have kids of my own to boss”! That sounds just like my Eliza, she’s pretty sure I’ve got it made in the shade 🙂 The swings made me laugh, we have a preferred swing here too, the one on the right is a MILLION times better than the one on the left. The ice cream story restores my faith in humanity.


  3. Your pictures are so in the moment and gorgeous. The pre-lick moment between dog and child… the toad, the spaghetti slurp. I enjoyed each one. I am so glad that you are enjoying summer with all of those precious moments. We used to use cool whip bowls for our cereal. My mom always saved them. LOL


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