When Aunts Come to Visit

Once upon a time, a long time ago,
I received a phone call from a far away Aunt.
“Will you be home May 30th?”
“Well, since it’s a few months out,
I suppose I can be. Why?”

“We’re coming to visit!”

Well in that case, pack your bags,
I will be home, no matter what.

My Dad has six sisters and I have
fond memories of them from when I was a kid
and still love to visit with them now.
To say the least, I was quite excited about this.

In the months following this phone call,
all kinds of projects that had been left unattended,
now received their due attention.
The Aunts were coming.

Since they are spread across the map now,
they get together occasionally for a birthday,
or just to spend time with the sisterhood.
Sharon turned 50 in May so they were spending
a few days together to celebrate her.
I felt very honored that they were coming to see me
for part of their trip.
Sadly, two of them couldn’t make it
and we missed you!

Mom and Sarita decided to come and join the party.
Aunts  (1)
Thursday night we spent some time sitting around the fire relaxing.
All kinds of things flew on Friday and we were done working in record time.

Aunts  (2)
Saturday morning bright and early, we started getting things ready.
We knew when the Aunts were due to arrive
and wanted to be done working a little early.
We had plans for them …

Aunts  (3)
Four old ladies were all dressed and ready to be the welcoming committee.

Aunts  (4)
Two of the old ladies were actually quite young,
but were happy to pretend they were old.
Slippers and canes, lipstick and pink cheeks.

Aunts  (5)
These old ladies are still quite flexible
and can help little boys push jeeps should the need arise.
They also have occasional issues with padding falling
out of place here and there.

We waited and waited …
… finally we heard a vehicle slow and turn into the drive.
One old lady was down in the lawn with her cane,
waving them in.
Aunts  (6)
For a minute they weren’t sure they had arrived at the right house.
We all hobbled to greet them and make them feel welcome.

Aunts  (7)
::let the party begin::

Aunts  (8)
Once the old ladies changed to their normal attire,
we relaxed on the front porch for a while.
It was so good to have them here!

Aunts  (9)

Aunts  (10)
The day was beautiful to be outside,
don’t let the Florida birds fool you with their sweaters.

Aunts  (11)
We spend the afternoon catching up
and watching Libby take a splash in the tub.
Our talk hit just about every subject,
from reminiscing, relatives, and on to future plans.

Aunts  (12)
The poor jeep got a workout, but lived to tell about it.

Aunts  (14)
Another round of food, chatter and chasing kids.

Aunts  (13)
Madison made a rich chocolate cake for supper.
There were a few chocolate lovers
that were happy to help her eat it since her mother won’t.

All too soon it was late
and they were ready to head out.
I am blessed with family I love
and I am so thankful they took the time
to come visit me and my family.
We won’t forget this day for a long time.
Thank you Aunts for coming!
We loved it.


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