Memorial Camping

Growing up for me,
everything was orderly, on time,
things were planned in advance,
you pretty much knew what was happening when.

Got married and as usual, opposites attract.
You do the math.

This would be the reason the subject of camping
was brought up on Sat and a few hours later,
there we all were, camping in my in-laws back yard.

I won’t lie and say it never stresses me out,
this method of madness,
but it usually works out pretty good
(if I just relax).

If we had all been able to come for the weekend,
it would have been chalked up as “family camping”
for the year, but a few had previous plans.
This just gives us reason for another weekend together.

MemDayCamping (1)

Weather wise, it was as if we had pre-ordered it.
It was perfection.

Lots of fishing and swimming happened.
If you look closely, you’ll see that only one man in the boat
seems to be working, while everyone else watches from the shore.

MemDayCamping (4)
Sometimes the most simple things entertain the best.

MemDayCamping (5)
“How does a fishing trip sound to you, girl?”

MemDayCamping (6)
“I would love to but I think our Moms prefer
we sit here and splash in this puddle.”

MemDayCamping (7)
For now, they are besties.
We hope it continues.

MemDayCamping (8)
The gang on the pond were pretty much the only swimmers.
Anyone older could only think of such things as slime and fish nibbles,
and anyone younger was stuck in a kiddie pool.
But what a party these guys had,
swimming, paddling, and rowing their way around
for much longer than I would have lasted.

MemDayCamping (10)
Tiny, the dog, went for a ride too.
I’m pretty sure he was exhausted until the weekend was over.

MemDayCamping (9)
This is the life, they say!
They would run half way across the lawn to jump in,
but just as they got to the pool they would stop,
step over the side and carefully sit down.

MemDayCamping (11)
When the gang was done in the pond,
Amanda made a water slide for them.
That took up a whole lot of their time and Grandma’s soap.
If the noise from this direction was any indication,
they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

MemDayCamping (13)
Grandpa gave gator rides, as only Grandpa’s can.

MemDayCamping (14)
They usually started off by driving around the pond
and we don’t know where all they went from there.

MemDayCamping (15)
Lots of time sitting around the fire talking and eating.
One highlight was an engagement announcement.

MemDayCamping (17)
Of course there were sticky marshmallows involved
if there was a fire. It was camping after all.

MemDayCamping (16)
A few hours after this, I would pack up Kennedy
and sneak home to sleep in my nice bed.
Maybe next time I’ll do the real camping thing.
(just give me a little more notice)

MemDayCamping (18)
Monday morning the Mama of the gang
babied them all with a big pot of creamed eggs and toast.
I was happy to be the official “toaster of bread”
while they all gobbled up the eggs.

MemDayCamping (12)
He managed to do a little fishing of his own,
after all the camping gear and kid’s rod and reels were taken care of.
It’s his birthday today, and we are so very thankful for him.
I think the kids were more excited then he was.

MemDayCamping (19)
Off to see if anything will bite, one last time.

And what a good weekend it was.
Family times are the best.
Here’s to more just like it!


*Even with all my many trips home,I always forgot my camera
so this is a cell phone photo post.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Camping

  1. That looks so fun. The whole way through the post, I felt myself relaxing and smiling, almost as if I was there. Kudos to you for happily dealing with with spur of the moment! 🙂


  2. I am a planner by nature but with 6 kids have learned to be flexible. 🙂 that looks like so much fun and I’m sure many great memories were made. Thankyou for sharing a little piece of your life with us.


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