Summer Begins

School is out.
Let the summer begin.
No more rigid schedule.
No more early bedtimes.
Eat what you want, do want you want,
read and sleep the summer away,
with a weekly trip to the pool, zoo,
or somewhere fun thrown in.
{think my girls}
Their Mother has a surprise for them!
Reagan silver dollar
Reagan managed to get a silver dollar for perfect attendance.
She was quite happy!

As for summer…

tree n frog (1)
Reagan has the air of a child released
when she gets to spend the day at home
with her imagination.

Before I knew what was happening,
she had a board up in the tree wedged between
2 branches and a climbing rope with knots tied in it.

tree n frog (2)
They spent the entire morning out there.

tree n frog (3)
They called me out one time to see this.
He had managed to climb up,
but was less than comfortable up there. 🙂
The girls helped him back down and he was
content to stay on the ground after that.

tree n frog (4)
He found a friend and played with him for awhile.
He’s teaching Kennedy to like them too.


We planted a few flowers.
Between me and the dog, they have little chance of survival.
I did not inherit Mother’s goodness with flowers.

Little One speaks.
And quiet a lot the last while.

While walking through Walmart the other day.
“It sinks in here. I sink it’s a sunk.”

Church time and her do not mesh so well right now,
improving slightly, but still not great yet.
She is unaccustomed to going out for reasons
other than disciplinary measures.
Well, the other day she had to pee during church
so we whisked her out and she went.
Back in we came and had just sat down in the pew
and she says loudly,
“Dat was fun …. I have to poop!”
Um no, this Mom does not fall for that trap.

Little One dog

A stray cat wandered in the lane.
Mr D came to tell me about it and says,
“I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl!”
She was listening and says,
“It’s not a boy or a girl. It’s a kitty!”

She’s not just talking,
she’s been up to a lot of other things too.

K marker legs
Madison brought her around last night looking like this.
She was fairly unrepentant.
She shook her fingers and said,
“Daddy say naughty, naughty, naughty!”
Right on!

It was a dry erase marker,
which came off the skin pretty well,
now I need to go see if it comes off clothes.

We rifled through the girls’ room yesterday.
One side stays fairly clean and organized.
One side does not. not. not.
We cleaned out drawers that have clothes
and other items pouring out.
It looks a lot better, to say the least.
One was tossing clothes to the Goodwill pile,
and when I looked around, to my horror,
the other one was snatching them up
and stuffing them into her clean drawers.


Food for thought:


I teach the youth girls Sunday school class.
The lesson was on Phil. 2 and we were talking about
esteeming others higher than yourself.
In our study books it talked about the value we give someone.

Quoting them:

Value is a choice we make to esteem something at a certain level. The rock gold comes from could be just as insignificant as any other pretty rock if it were not valued.

The value we place on others is a choice. We can choose to see ourselves as gold and others as common rocks or we can choose to attribute greater value to them. Once the choice of value is made, actions will follow to prove it.

What value do I put on other people?
Am I thinking of them as gold or common rocks?
Treat others as gold today,
you have no idea what they are facing.


4 thoughts on “Summer Begins

  1. Oh, the church quote is just tooooooo funny!!! 😀 And it is truly amazing how two girls from the same parents can be so opposite — at the library today one would barely nod her head in answer to a stranger’s comment, the other informed her all about their look alike dresses and how “Some of them are every day because Lillian’s has a rip in it but some of them are school dresses but we can’t always wear them together and……” !!


  2. Love it! I remember creative drawings on the walls. Couldn’t be washed out. Thoes were trying days. I wish sometimes mine were little again. I really like that part about esteem ingredients others better than yourself. Great lesson.


  3. Ha! I think our little one’s are at a very similar stage! Miss P is having a hard time figuring out what is acceptable to color on and what is not.

    I like the way you do summers! Sounds perfect to me


  4. I’m reading blogs on my phone while lying in bed beside my napping husband… I feared I would wake him from shaking with laughter over your Little One’s quips. 😊


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