Of Going Home

Recently a Facebook friend and her family moved to another state.
Last week she commented about being excited about going “home” for a visit.
A few people wondered why she is referring to her previous community
as home. My comment to her was,
“It will always be home,
no matter how long you have been gone!”

When you have moved away, you’ll realize
that sometimes you just need to go home.
There is a pull there that you just can’t explain.
I’m always glad to come back to my house and my people,
but occasionally, I just need to go home.

And so it was that we went “home” last weekend.

We rarely get to Indiana for Mother’s day
because there are just so many things happening
around this time of the year
so it was special to be able to be there this year.

Blog 5-12 (1) Madison wanted Grandma to teach her how to make pie crust since her Mother seems to be a failure at such a thing.

Blog 5-12 (2) I watched and listened too, hopefully between the 2 of us we can make something edible next time the pie craving hits.

Blog 5-12 (3) She’s such a good grandma to take the time to teach with patience.

Blog 5-12 (4)
She was happy with the finished product and it tasted good too!

Blog 5-12 (5)
Miss Libby and her Mama.

Blog 5-12 (6)
These 2, were one is you’ll be sure to find the other.
They have so much fun together.

Blog 5-12 (7) ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans’ applies to Grandma’s house.
When at Grandma’s do whatever you want, Grandma will say it’s ok.
As in, let’s all drink a juicie right before lunch.

Blog 5-12 (8)
Never been happier, this little chip muncher.
Grandma knows her first love, which explains the extra large bag of chips.

Blog 5-12 (9) A perfectly fine Sat night on the back porch.
Family, food, fun and laughter.
In the name of being honest, it included quite a lot of kid fights too.
What else can one expect when there are 7 kids, 4 and under.

Blog 5-12 (10)
The cutest little stinker ever.

Blog 5-12 (11)
Bike riding fun.
Try as she might, she could not make this thing go
so “Push me!” was the name of the game.

Blog 5-12 (12)
Mr Grant, a busier little guy you will not find.
Just watching him makes me tired,
and thinking about chasing him all the time
makes me even more tired.

Blog 5-12 (13) It was each man for himself when the roasting sticks
came out for marshmallows.
And then it was another grabbing mess
when the marshies were opened.
I see my daughter scored 4 when 1 or 2 was the limit.

Blog 5-12 (14) Some like them burnt, some like them cold.

Blog 5-12 (15) I see she managed to eat all 4 too.
Mr D had a lot of trouble with his roasting technique
but the marshie went down the hatch anyway.

Blog 5-12 (16)
And when all the marshmallows are roasted away,
you just go ahead and roast the carrot your aunt
jammed on the stick when you asked for one more.


Blog 5-12 (17)
Mother’s day morning with my littles. (or not so littles)
I am blessed.
Many years ago I cried all morning one Mother’s day
because of not having my child to hold.
Today I have 4 and am so thankful for them.

Blog 5-12 (18) It was special to spend the weekend with my lovely mother.
There is so much to be said of her that words cannot describe it all.
For her, I am so very thankful!

Blog 5-12 (19) So glad my girls get to grow up spending time with their Grandma.
They love going to her house.
Madison was scanning the summer calendar
to see when they can go for a whole week.
Get ready Grandma.

Lest one would think we are all happy as pie while smiling so sweetly,
not to be missed is the blurry little foot of the smallest one.
She seems to think swift kicking helps when you are mad.


4 thoughts on “Of Going Home

  1. What a blessing to be able to go home! Time spent with your mom and the kids with always be treasured. I was very close to my grandmothers. I lost a little girl so Mothers day is sad but I also have 6 more children from college age to 10.
    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Yes!! So loving my week at Home! Glad you got to spend the weekend at your mom’s, too. She has a beautiful kitchen! And what is it about our mom’s pie crusts?! Same here.


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