Of Honoring on Mother’s Day

It’s soon Mother’s day again.

Every year Mothers all around the world
are recognized on this day.

We honor our Mothers for all the hard work they do,
all the love they pour out on us,
and everything about them that make them the best.
We show our appreciation in many different ways,
flowers, gifts, cards, and best of all, a hug.

 This year I would like to honor another group of people.
These special ladies, if they would be mothers,
would be the very best kind that a mother could be.
They have no children, but yet are not childless in another sense.
There are many children that love them dearly
and are so very blessed to be loved by them in return.

Blog - MD (1)

To these special ladies…

You have no children of your own,
yet you pour out your love to ours.

You share warm hugs and touch little hearts.

You give little gifts and make kids feel special.

You whisper kindness and they smile.

You hold out your arms and they run to you.

You invite them over and excitement abounds.
They know how much fun you are.

You show Jesus to these young souls,
impacting their little hearts forever.

You encourage busy young moms.

You babysit our kids and love on them.
It makes us feel good to know you love them too.

You lift us up when we are tired,
you lend a helping hand when days are long.

You help us to see the green grass
on our side of the fence
when we tend to forget and wish for your side.

Blog - MD (2)

 This Lily of the Valley flower,
it’s bells are so tiny but their fragrance is divine.
You might think the little touches you
put into our children’s lives don’t mean much,
but they do.
It might seem small, the things you do,
but your influence will last a life time.

Today I want to bless you for all you do for us,
and for being the special kind of person
that loves our little people like your own.

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