Happenings Here

If you were to hack my computer,
you would find that my latest Google search was,
“Can you eat raw dandelion flowers?”
blog 4-28-15 (8)
I think you all know by now, at this house
it’s not because someone wants to eat them,
it’s because it already happened and the eater there of
was just wondering if she was going to die.
She didn’t think so, but she just wanted me to check.
She had made a dandelion and wild onion soup
and decided to try a few bites.
It was good, so she ate it all.
My apologies in advance to her teacher
for the the way she is going to smell the next few days.

 Blog 4-28-15 (7)


In my defense….
Blog 4-28-15 (2)

…as I said, in my defense,
when I am drug from a sound sleep at 4am,
I am less the coherent as to what I am rubbing
on my son’s dry skin.
Also in my defense, it was totally dark
and both bottles have a pump.
It did smell a bit funny and was gritty
but hoping to be back in bed within 3 minutes,
I didn’t put too much thought into the why of it all.
Now we know.
We just rinsed him for his next bath.


Of food…
We have been eating well,
too well.

Blog 4-28-15 (6)
Madison is on another baking spree.
We were served apple dumplings one night this week.
Blog 4-28-15 (1)
On Friday afternoon she made a made to-do list for Sat.
Her Mother almost fainted.
Not a relaxing Sat in my book.
Blog 4-28-15 (3)
I cut the list in half and then in half again
and we ended up with Sour Cream Twists,
Rhubarb Cake,  and edible cookie dough.

I’ll post the twist recipe one of these days.

Blog 4-28-15 (4)
She declared Saturday awesome even though
she was a bit looney after washing all the dishes.
The dishwasher you see was full too.

Her Mother is quite glad she bakes.
Yesterday she made another dessert for the freezer
for this weekend.


Blog 4-28-15 (5)
Someone saw his Dad wear sunglasses in the house.
Someone decided this is the cool way to wear them,
inside or out.


blog 4-28-15 (9)

Hope your week if full of coffee, friends and good food!


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