The Beauty of Spring

Springtime always brings gifts that some
may call small pleasures.
Not so here.

blog 4-21-15 (8)

When you live anywhere in the northern end of things,
these little buds are not small gifts, they are big gifts.
They tell the story of life, of warmth, of sunshine.

blog 4-21-15 (3)

We are always overjoyed to see new blooms popping up.
First it’s the little green stems sprouting their heads,
next there is a bud and the kids watch them closely.
Finally the first one pops open, followed by more and more.

They speak life into a winter weary soul.

Another big gift of Spring is going outside.
Or rather, sending the kids outside.

blog 4-21-15 (1)

I love to see them “want” to go outside these days.
In the winter it takes multiple layers of clothing,
in the summer they are sooooo hot,
having already forgotten all those layers of clothes.
In the Spring, it’s new, it’s exciting,
there are so many things to see and explore.

blog 4-21-15 (10)
These 2 created their own little hut of some sort.
Since their dad hangs seamless guttering for a living,
they promptly installed some of their own.
I’m sure he wouldn’t approve of the quality
so it’s the thought that counts.

blog 4-21-15 (9)
What one wears, the other one must wear. always.
She insists on following him everywhere he goes.
Most of the time he’s ok with this
and it’s fun to see them interacting more since she’s a little older.

blog 4-21-15 (11)
This fever also hits both old and young alike in the Spring.
The wife, not so much!
Eric thinks I should learn to golf and go with him.
I laugh and asked, “Have you seen me just mini golf?”
Then he laughs and we drop the subject.
Maybe I could drive the cart.

blog 4-21-15 (12)
There are little grubby hands full of gifts in the Spring.
If it isn’t flowers, it’s acorn tops filled with leaves.

We have multiple little bouquets sitting around here,
daffodils, elephant ears, weeds and all kinds.

blog 4-21-15 (14)

Spring is for thunderstorms, wind and rain,
for sunshine, beauty and new hope.

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Don’t forget the gift each day is.
Click on the picture and download it for yourself.
The download pin is in the bottom right corner.

Go and enjoy this day.

The day the Lord created hope
was probably the same day he created Spring.

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