How Did This Happen?

Do you ever look at your kids and think,
“How in the world did this happen?
I am too young to have kids this age!”

Or this one,
“There is no way my child is old enough to do this,
she was only born yesterday!”

blog 4-15 (6)

My mind says,
“I have 4 kids? How can this be?
Am I not still 21?”
Brain is lying, “Yes, of course you are 21.”
Body is yelling, “NO!”

One minute I’m all like,
“Child! You are quite old enough to learn to do this on your own.
Buck up and pull your weight around here because you can!”
And the next minute it’s,
“What? No way, you can’t do that.
You aren’t nearly old enough to be wanting to do this!”

What has happened to me when I wasn’t watching?

And now I hear the chorus of older moms chiming in and saying,
“We told you this would happen!

I look at the Mom with her little firstborn and I want to say,
“Love every minute, they’ll be 10 tomorrow.”
But I don’t because I hated that line.
When you said that to me I thought,
“Really, you just forgot how long a year is with a newborn!”

blog 4-15 (2)

The things I thought would never happen to me,
are happening as we speak.
I used to look at Moms and think,
“How can you not know your kid came to church
with 2 different colored socks!”
Now I’m like, “Hey, he has socks on, that’s all that matters.”

Once upon a time I saw a kid with jelly smeared all over her mouth
and was like, “Don’t you ever look at your kids or clean them?”
Now we go somewhere and I finally look at my child and hiss,
“Oh. my. word. you didn’t brush your teeth.
Here, scrub them with a Kleenex!”

blog 4-15 (5)

When we moved to OH from MD we lived beside a young family
and they were our source of (great) entertainment!
(we didn’t get out much)

The kids would run around most of the day wearing big floppy T-shirts,
eating egg sandwiches whenever they wished,
hair flying everywhere, driving 4 wheeler or crawling a tree.
I would think to myself,
“Of all things! How can she not have time to get her kids dressed!”
Now. Oh seriously, help me.
blog 4-15 (4)
Look whose kid is playing in the mud in his pajamas,
at 11am, none the less!
Sure enough, it’s mine.
Mine are now behaving just like the neighbor kids!

Don’t laugh at my kid though, it will come back to haunt you!
I should have never laughed when I watched
all the wild things those neighbor kids did.
Thankfully they all seem to have turned out fairly well,
so there may be hope for my crew yet.

But really, how in the world is this happening to me?
I’m an not old enough or mature enough to be raising this tribe!
Sometimes I look around and wonder whose children these are anyway?
I thought people were usually old and mature
by the time they got to this stage of life.

Thankfully, they’re all alive and well so far.
True, they may need counseling some day because of their Mother,
but as far as today goes, they all seem quite happy
and I haven’t lost my mind yet trying to catch up.

I’m still stuck here wondering how my daughter
can be 11, almost 12 and if the next few years go this fast,
she’ll be almost 21 next year.
I will not be doing the math on my age
at this speed of light we’re living in.

blog 4-15 (3)

 I hear that chorus again singing,
“We told you so, oh we tooold you so!”
And so you did.
Go ahead and remind me again, but tell me this,
Is this just a phase you hit at this point in life
or will this state of mind continue forever?


10 thoughts on “How Did This Happen?

  1. I think it will continue… I’m there with you, wondering how???? My oldest is ten. My daughter wore her PJ’s pretty much all day last Saturday as well. My thoughts, less laundry. ha ha


  2. You are always fun. And yes. I get every word. It seems so much like there should be a time in life when you calmly say, “I am up to the task. I have the wisdom to see me through. Past experience has taught me so much. God has refined me.” But….so far life seems to wildly fly along and I have more questions than I ever did before. I guess maybe no one is grown up at heart. Some are just better at faking it than others?? 🙂 Keep on keeping on.


  3. Oh my, yes. Yes!! Most of the time I trip glibly along but suddenly I’ll stop short and say “Wait. Wait! This can’t be me!!” I just can’t believe that I am now at the stage of those experienced, old(ish) moms I used to look at with such different eyes……. But. I’m the age my mom was when I (her youngest) was born. Yeah. Let that soak in awhile!

    The man at my house says, “That’s what I’ve always been trying to say – you have to embrace the now, cause it won’t last long!”


  4. Yes and yes. Our standards have lowered considerably since our first one was born. :D. I’m enjoying this stage tho, of bantering with my kids and they More then hold up their end. 😀 Lots if fun.

    Hubs says you’re only as old as you feel… So I’m sticking with about 30… For life.


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