I’ve been seeing these around blogs and they look interesting.
I’ll give it a shot…

Reading: A devotional by She Reads
Here is a paragraph.
Jesus meets me right where I am and changes the way I walk through my days. He gives me the compassion to love when I’ve been hurt by a friend and the courage to confront injustice when I’m faced with the worst of the world. He gives me comfort in my grief and rest as I put my head on the pillow. In short, Jesus just shows up, and when He does, it changes everything—it changes me.

Playing:  The last game was a round of memory with the son.
But I play memory every day in my mind.
“Now what did I come back here to get?”

Watching: The trees blow in this wild wind today.
Hopefully drying things out a bit.

Trying: To convince myself I’m not tired of painting,
that I should properly finish the kitchen make over.
But it’s not working, not working at all.
2 days of painting have done me in.
I have sore muscles in places I didn’t know I had muscles.

Cooking: As little as possible.
Which is why it’s nice to have an 11 year old girl in the house.

blog 4-10-15 (3)

Eating: leftovers from last night.
We had a good meal, I need to post about it,
because you would probably like it too.

Drinking:  Water.
Because I went to look in the coffee pot and it was dry.
Only 1 other person here who drinks it so I blame him.

Calling: No one at the moment
but Mom or Sarita would be a good guess.

Texting:  a friend from church. She makes me laugh.

Pinning: Anything and everything to do with this.
Painting kitchen cabinets
It remains to be seen whether I will actually tackle it or not.
I know I should, I know I should.

Tweeting: Nothing. Nada. Not any.

Crafting: Does this say crafting? Do they mean me?
Let me think. Craft?
Does sewing a new cover for a pillow count as a craft?
We’ll go with that. We now have Chevron covers.

Doing: Typing obviously.

blog 4-10-15 (2)

Going:  to work at our school benefit supper in a bit.
So why am I sitting here typing instead of finishing my work?
Who knows. Surely I don’t procrastinate. Who? Me?
I was actually over there most of the morning and did a lot of my work,
now I’m home for a bit and Little One snoozes.

Loving: Warmer weather.
So nice to ship the kids out the door these days.

blog 4-10-15 (1)

Hating: Mud.
Our main door comes right into the dining room.
So does the mud on the shoes, boots and everything else.

Discovering:  or rather re-discovering that I don’t like to paint.
enough on that subject, huh?
But it’s taken over my brain so what should I do?

Enjoying: silence. and a bit of kid chatter. no fighting.

Hoping: for a fun summer,
one where the Mother does not stress out
and peace reigns among the tribe.

blog 4-10-15 (4)

Celebrating: Spring. Birds. Blooms. Green. Sprinkles. Warmth.

Smelling: Nothing. Wishing I were smelling coffee.

Thanking: God for my children,
alive, healthy, and well.

Considering: I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m considering, other then selling the dog. Yes, that’s what I’m considering. seriously.

Finishing: this post right quickly here!

Starting: to realize I’m gonna be late if I don’t get moving.

What’s happening in your life?


4 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. So I laughed and nodded my head as usual when I read your posts 🙂 So fun! And I’m totally with you on the painting 🙂 And crafting, what is that word? 🙂


  2. i really like this format Shannon! reminds me of the daybook i did a few times back in the xanga days….
    i’m sorry you don’t like painting. i’d help you out if you were closer!!
    happy weekend!


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