Spring means dripping rain, buds on trees, flowers,
all things fresh, new and pretty, right?

Or does Spring mean cleaning to some of you?
That drive to wash down walls,
clean windows and tear into spiders?

blog 4-6-15

Here is a piece written by a friend of mine.
She is currently serving as a missionary in Haiti,
but planning to return home soon.
(posted with her permission)

I read, “In Jesus I have everything. In Him I am complete.
My capacity to experience Him is
increasing through His removal of debris and clutter
from my heart.”

That got me to thinking……..
Housecleaning has been on my mind recently.
I need to go through my kitchen cupboards.
My shelves & drawers. Remove all those things that have
accumulated over these past 2 years.

That empty bottle that I thought I might need.
Outdated pills or dried up seasonings.
Old papers that will surely be good for something.
Lids that no longer have a container.
Pens that don’t even work.

Then I thought of my heart……..
It too needs to be “house-cleaned” at times.
Am I willing to let Jesus come in
and do a thorough cleaning?
To check out all those nooks and crannies
that hold grudges. Ill feelings. Anger.
Bitterness. Pride.
Am I stale? Hard? Empty?
Insensitive to the needs of others?
Do I cling to things that are useless.
Cluttering up my life. My heart.
Hindering the ability to reach out to
those around me.

Am I willing to allow Jesus in with His scrub brush
of TRUTH. His cleanser of the HOLY SPIRIT.
His polisher of PRAYER.
Sweeping away all the debris that has
accumulated and be painted clean
and white by His blood .

As you clean your house this Spring, allow
Jesus to also clean your heart.

-written by: RuthAnn Shenk

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