Take the Time

The desire to post is there,
but the words are not.
Some weeks leave you wordless
and last week was one of them.

We were in FL for Spring Break
and drove home Sat (the 14th) during the night.
Tue morning we left for IN for Alliyia’s funeral.
We finally landed back at home on Thursday
with almost no food in the house with which to cook.
Fri the airport (aka: house) needed to be cleaned,
groceries needed to be gotten,
and Mt. Laundry was looming over my head,
but it all seemed trivial after the week we experienced.


One way this hit home with me was
my time, or lack of it, with my own children.
Why do we do that?
Shouldn’t they be most important?
Why do we rush past them,
always onto the next thing,
dragging them along behind?
We’re in such a hurry to get the next thing done,
clean the next room,
make the next meal,
get to the next event on time,
and our kids run along after us,
getting our leftovers.
Why are they not my priority?

Post 3-23 (1)
I am trying to make a point of listening to them,
hearing their heart and appreciating them.
Saying “Yes” a little more often,
reading 1 more book,
playing one more game,
listening to 1 more tale from school.

It’s sad that it takes an event like this to shake me up,
but it did. I hope I won’t soon forget it.

Sit down and hold your children, listen to them.
The rest of the world will wait,
work has never run away yet.
Love them today.


While we were in Indiana we saw friends and family
we hadn’t seen in a long while.
We celebrated little lives,
new birthdays and enjoyed each other.

Post 3-23 (3)
Mr Grant turned 1.
He’s all boy and we were hoping
he would just dig into this cake
with his all boy vengeance,
but he declined.
His Mama has taught him well
and he was nice and polite while he ate.

Post 3-23 (4)
Grandpa helped him eat a bite.

Post 3-23 (5)
The kids fished and fought, quite loudly.

Post 3-23 (6)
And enjoyed an airplane ride or 2 before they went home.

It was good to spend an evening with family.


Post 3-23 (2)

Before you see another sunset,
make a point to take time and enjoy the people in your life.
You won’t regret it.

I just heard little voices in the next room.
One said to the other,
“I like you. Do you like me?”


3 thoughts on “Take the Time

  1. So much truth, Shannon! We had an incident this week that really made me stop and think. I’m the same way, rushing, busy, not taking enough time for my children. I want to do better as well 🙂


  2. Yes. So true. Death gives us perspective. Having so many of these same thoughts as a friend passed away Sunday night- she was only 38. Her youngest is 4, same as Reese. Suddenly “problems” seem so trivial. The “what am I living for?” question so real. As you said.. if only we could keep that eternal focus always.

    Thinking of you through this time. Hugs!!


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