Little Lia

A phone call comes that you never want to answer.
Words spoken that squeeze the heart.
Pain that one never wants to imagine.
A little tiny life snatched away so quickly,
whisked into the arms of Jesus in a mere moment.
Tears fall like rain.
A precious little child taken from the ones who loved her.

Aliyia (1)
She was an adorable little girl, loved by 2 families.
Her birth family and her foster family,
who were loving her while her Mom was incarcerated.
She slipped away from a watchful eye and was struck by a car.
So tiny, so fragile, so sweet, and Jesus called.

Aliyia (2)
At Christmas time my cousin Glenda had asked if I would come over
and take some photos of her and Alliyia doing their normal things together.
It was so much fun and now I look through them and the tears slip down,
remembering this sweet little one and knowing the pain they feel.

Aliyia (3)
Snuggles with Nana and baby.

Aliyia (4)

Aliyia (5)
She loved to read books.

Aliyia (6)
Bedtime was so much fun.

Aliyia (7)
Sweet, squishy little hugs that you will never ever forget.

Aliyia (8)

Aliyia (9)
Snack time standing on her favorite spot in the kitchen.

Aliyia (10)
Glenda kept pictures of Alliyia’s Mom around the house.

Aliyia (11)
She loved to touch, kiss, and talk to them.

Aliyia (12)
Singing her favorite song, “Building up the Temple.”

Aliyia (13)
Peek around the chair was a favorite game.

Aliyia (14)
Look at her little toe, sticking up in the air.

Aliyia (15)
Peek-a-boo sweet little one,
if only for one more time.

Aliyia (16)
Let’s read just one more book.

Aliyia (17)
…and blow just a few more sweet kisses good-bye!

Jesus, hold her close.
She is so very missed down here.

Squeeze your children one more time today!
Love them.

And please, breathe a prayer for these families!

23 thoughts on “Little Lia

  1. We look at life through our eyes, and see things only from an earthly perspective. God sees things from His perspective, which is eternal. We were created by Him for His purpose. It’s so hard to rationalize tragedies,like this,when they happen. I place my hope in the eternal. Where one day we will see again the loved ones that were taken, some of them way too soon. The blood of Christ was shed for our salvation. Our only hope is in that salvation. The only hope to see these precious children who are now in the arms of Jesus, is through Jesus. I pray for peace and comfort to these families.


  2. As I am reading this , it came on the news channel 10 at 11pm. So very sad . I am so sorry Shannon for the loss of Lia . Jesus is holding and loving her now. He is teaching new songs and singing the ones you taught her. Prayers are coming your way for understanding and peace in your heart


  3. I’m so sorry, Shannon. The loss of a child is always extra hard-the words of Fanny Crosby come to mind, “safe in the arms of Jesus..” and I know that thought brings comfort. The pictures are all precious- reminds me to be intentional each and every day with loving and taking time with my kids. We just never know when God will call us home. Hugs to you, friend.


  4. So sorry to hear of your loss! Our little Anthony was just stuck and killed 3 weeks ago in a parking lot. He was 2. We know the unbearable pain you are facing! Praying for all involved.


    • Amy, I didn’t realize you had posted until after I had already sent my comment. I posted almost the same thing. It certainly gives you a different perspective once you’ve “been there”. Can you imagine what Heaven must be like with so many beautiful children there ?!


  5. Just three weeks ago, our two year old grandson, Anthony, was struck by a car & went to be with Jesus too. We know how terribly painful it is. Such precious jewels to beckon us toward Heaven….. Our thoughts & prayers are with you.


  6. praying! Im at a loss for words! “the Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you, and give you peace”


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