There are these people called sisters.
You are fortunate if you have one,
and I am one of those.

We were born 11 years apart, my sister and I,
2 brothers in between us.
I thought I would never have a sister
until I found Mom’s pink birth announcements
before Sarita was born.
When they called and told me I had a sister,
I just smiled, because I already knew.

For a long time that’s all we were, just sisters.
I would introduce her as my little sister.
She would wiggle shyly and not say anything.
I combed her hair, dressed her up,
drug her around taking pictures of her.
She followed me around when my friends came over.
She was just the little sister.

Life kept moving along.
She grew up and got married (while I cried),
she had children and suddenly,
we were more then sisters,
we were best friends.
We were fighting the same battles,
figuring out life together,
calling and talking almost every day.

We are so much the same, yet so very different.
I talk too much. She doesn’t have much to say.
She is quiet and shy, I am generally not.
We think the same. We laugh the same.
We both inherited that dreadful
crying streak from Mom.
We are family. We are friends.
We are sisters.

This past weekend she came to visit,
her little family in tow, and what a fun weekend it was.
I was so glad they were coming on Thursday so the
weekend would be a little longer.
And then Sunday, thank you Jesus,
it snowed them in and they stayed an extra day.

 blog 3-3 (7)

Sarita and our little girls.

I laughed more this weekend than I have in a long time.
Most of it was over the dumbest little things,
but there is no one who understands those little
things like a sister.

blog 3-3 (1)
Grandma sent a few more gifts for Kennedy.
The piggy bank was a winner.
Put 10 coins in, open the bottom,
dump them out and put them in again.

blog 3-3 (2)
We tried to take a few pictures of Libby.
Tried is the key word there.
She dearly loves her Mommy and would either
crawl toward her, or cry because she wasn’t there.

blog 3-3 (3)
Our little boys were just itching for cupcakes
with blue frosting. Everything must be blue.
So we obliged and figured if the frosting is blue,
it will keep the Moms from eating any.

blog 3-3 (4)
It’s almost frightening sometimes how much some of our kids act alike.
Bryce and Kennedy share a lot of traits.
One of which is eating all the frosting off the top of the cup cake.

blog 3-3 (5)

Meal time was just circus city!
When there are more kids then adults, it gets wild.
All the littles needed something Now! and the babies cried.
It was a fun circus.

blog 3-3 (6)

Our babies are all tag babies.
They will find the tag or the silkie edge to play with on their blankets.

blog 3-3 (8)

The men and kids went out to play in the snow on Sunday.
We were happy to stay inside and watch
And breathe deeply of the wonderful quietness.

blog 3-3 (9)

Later we made soft pretzels.
We were just about tired of cooking and cleaning up the next mess till the weekend was over. Why do these people want meals all the time?
If it were up to us, we would just continually snack and never need a big meal.

blog 3-3 (10)
Madison and Kennedy are 10 years apart.
I told Madison many many moons ago,
that was Sarita and I sitting there.
She had no idea that we were that far apart in age.
I also told her that one day Kennedy could be her best friend,
it doesn’t matter how much younger she is.

blog 3-3 (11)
We ended the weekend with a little Curious George
and a few more tear rolling laughs!

I know my sister well enough to know she is laughing
but wiping tears while she reads this.
That’s ok, because I am too.

For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands. -christina rossetti


4 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. I was the little sister, born years and years behind my 3 big sisters with 2 brothers in between. I was the one who messed up their fun, who’s hair they combed, the kid they had to share a bed with…. but all that changed long ago and now I have to stop and try to remember how many years there actually are between us! Yes, I totally get this post! 🙂

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