This Week

My eyes are only half open as I prop my head on my hand.
The coffee steam curls up toward my nose,
but my hand is too tired to lift the cup.
One would be inclined to think I had worked an entire day
or milked a barn full of cows since 4am, by my appearance.
But no, such is not the case.
The case would be one unwise Mama and
one little girl whose sleep schedules do not mesh.
You see, the Mama likes to stay up late into the night
and the little girl loves to get up early in the morning.
No matter, absolutely no matter,
what time the Mama puts the little girl to bed,
she gets up before the sunshine every morning.
This Mama did not know that little girls
need less sleep than their Mothers.
One would think the Mama would have learned her lesson
in the short 2 years of this little girl’s life,
but nooo, it seems that has not happened.

blog 2-21-15 (3)
(Reagan’s creation)
((Madison corrected me and said it was her, not Reagan)) 🙂


This week was hard, for various reasons.
One being, Eric was gone all week.
My heart goes out to young widows.
At least I knew Eric was coming home,
the week was manageable because of that.
blog 2-21-15 (4)
The kids and I ate foods that are not his favorite all week.

This may not fall into that category but we happily ate it anyway.
We needed something to do in the middle of the day. 🙂

I pretty much stayed inside the entire week
except to get a few groceries on a sub zero day.
Becky was a dear and kept the 2 littles
so I didn’t have to drag them around.
That meant I was alone.
That word deserves an entire line just for itself.
The meaning of it is:
A very rare moment in the life a of Mom.
Emphasis on RARE.

When I did venture out one other day, it was for an aggravating reason.

blog 2-21-15 (5)

Thank you Mr Snow Plow for forcing me to inhale a bit
of freezing, cold, fresh air into my lungs.
Please, don’t feel obligated next time,
I’m doing fine inside.

blog 2-21-15 (6)

This white fluff that insists on being part of our lives…
I’ll refrain from putting my thoughts into words,
but I was nigh near frozen in just a few minutes.


One day I went to bat with the creators of webs.
They were completely taking over corners I keep skipping
when I clean around here.
How is it that these little guys are so much faster at putting
webs up than I am at taking them down?
blog 2-21-15 (7)
Anyone with the urge to paint, come right over.
This entire place needs a coat and I lack the desire.

Madison is baking, as we speak.
I will not disturb her.
She has 3 others nipping at her heals,
wanting to lick.

10 min after she put her cookies out,
we found the little one happily eating them.
At least 3 gone.

Just bit ago I heard Madison say to herself,
“Resist it Madison, just resist and don’t lick the spoon!”
Such is the life of the cook.


blog 2-21-15 (8)

This was my motto for the week.
And that is why I stay up late.


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