Of Wailing Females

When she wakes up saying, “No, no, no.”
You know it’s gonna be a bad day.

She wails loudly for something to eat.
I give her a bagel with jam.
After looking at it for a minute,
she pushes it away and cries loudly into her arms.

Dakota walks past with a toy she likes behind his back,
grinning wickedly, he sticks it out for her to see.
Howls at high decimals reach our ears and she lunges for him.

I settle her on the chair with her favorite book.
All is quiet until I open it to the first page and it is torn.
More crying, wailing and tears, “Broken page, broken page.”

Back to the table, she nibbles her bagel.
Loud cries go up over “Messy hands!”
I clean them and she wails, “Noooo, I do.”
I give her the rag and after she wipes for awhile,
I ask for it back.
More wailing, “Not done, not done.”

I pick her up, she sobs and says, “Stand up.”
“I am standing.” I tell her.
She stops mid cry and looks down and wails loudly.
Why? I don’t know.

She wants milk.
She doesn’t want milk.
She wants down.
She wants up.
She wants to eat.
She doesn’t want to eat.

Her Daddy walks in and asks what’s wrong.
Her mother replies,
“I don’t know. She doesn’t know. I guess she’s just being a female.”
When the father grins, the mother scowls inwardly.

We give her her favorite blanket and stick her into bed
and all is peaceful for a few minutes.
Soon she comes trotting out, smiling.
What happened?
We don’t know.
We just hope it lasts.

blog 2-13-15

Moral of the story:
Don’t ask a female what is wrong because more then likely she doesn’t know.
Just clear the way, give her some space and chocolate,
take care of the kids, feed the dog, take out the trash,
clean up the house, do the dishes, and in due time,
all will be right with the world again.


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