Jan. 365

1-15 That beautiful thing called Sunshine.
We see so little of it here that it’s a day to celebrate when it does shine.

1-161-16 The girls were trying to watch a movie.
One has to sit directly in front of the screen and one can’t sit still.

1-17 These are the moments everyone says, “Ohh, you’ll miss this one day.”
They forget the moments when everyone is grabbing and fighting for the same color and the same piece.


1-18 Anything is a book marker around here. Anything.


1-19 A cute birthday favor Reagan brought home from school.


1-20 My lunch date. Hopefully his manners will improve before he goes on any important dates.


1-21 Late one night unknown to anyone, she ruined these glasses.
Now they are her favorite toy.


1-22 Favorite color day at school.
“Would you like a bit of pepto bismol with that green bean?”


1-23 – Cookie baking day


1-24 Late night texting with the sister.
And no, you can’t read it, no matter how much you try.
(I made sure of that)


1-25 Sunday night game players.
As you can imagine, it ended badly with these 2 in the same game.


1-26 A snowy morning
Wash me and I shall be white then snow.


1-27 A broken jeep means a little help from Dad and super glue.


1-28 “Mom I just made the giganticist snowball.”


1-29 Thomas has a new tunnel.


1-30 She makes herself right at home at Grandma’s house.


1-31 My brother’s welding hobby.
A mini Scwhinn. The wheels roll, the pedals turn, it’s cute.


3 thoughts on “Jan. 365

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about older moms always saying “You’ll miss this sometime” and you’re not sure you will. My boys are 16, 14, 11, and 9 – and I don’t miss it yet! =) They are all gone for the better part of the day and I feel like I am able to be a much saner mom than I was when the noise was endless.
    The other week I was looking at old photos and true, the boys were darling! But like you said, no one can hear the hollering and bickering and noise! So hang in there – your day of quiet will come and you will enjoy it!

    Liked by 1 person

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