Of Giving

The gift of doing things for others,
it is something we can all do.
Some things we do cost some money.
Buying a gift. Making a meal.
Some things cost nothing at all.
A word of encouragement. A smile and a hug.

When I did the give away, my question was,
“What do you like to do for other people?”
The response was quite great,
whether it was peoples love of doing things,
or the give away, I’ll never know.
We’ll assume it was everyone’s generous spirit of giving.

More than one person suggested that I compile the comments into a post
because not every one that reads the blog
is able to read the comments on Facebook.

I summarized most of them so if you see yours and it isn’t quite right,
I may have added something from someone else’s
that was along the same lines as you wrote.
I hope after reading through these all,
you’ll be able to find something to do for someone.

blog 1-26-15

~ Let someone know you are praying for them.

~Make a coffee cake for the ladies in church on their birthday.
Send them a card. Give a small gift.

~ A card with a gift card in it that says, “Go spurge on yourself!”

~Blessing a care giver… A card of encouragement, a meal, a gas card, a housecleaning, a day spent with them to help them catch up on their own work at home, volunteering to take their place as caregiver for a few hours (if possible), monetary gifts—all these are ways to “hold up the hands” of a weary caregiver.

~ When someone babysits for you, bring flowers or a small gift for them.

~Help the teacher out at school.

~ Sending an email with an encouraging scripture verse and a note.

~I love to listen to really listen to people and try and figure out things they really like.

~ Sew a fleece blanket for someone in need.

~ When we have a visiting speaker for meetings from far away and the wife stays at home…I like to wire her a bouquet of flowers.

~Leave enough change at the car wash for the next person in line.

~ Babysitting, giving parents an evening out
or the mom a day alone.

~Put a note in your child’s school lunch.

~ Do your husband’s/children’s/sibling’s chores.

~Make a gift bag full of goodies for a friend.

~Hold the door for the person behind you.

~ Give an after church snack to the family hosting the visiting speaker.

~Mail a card to a friend.

~ Listen for specific needs/wants.

~Drive school kids for a mom.

~ Leaving a quick-fix supper for another mom.

~I like to take a meal to mamas right BEFORE they have a baby.

~ Listening/caring for people as they wrestle through hard things.

~ Sneak  a gift to a friend as a surprise.

~Baked goods for teachers or singles.

~Take a hostess gift.

~ Offer to wash a family’s vehicles when there is a death.

~ Remember dates that are important to my friends who have lost a baby or a child.

~ Give advice. If you know something that will help someone, offer your wisdom.

~ Give small splurges to people who are facing big needs–like a Starbucks gift card or a really nice soap to someone who is stretching to make ends meet.

~ Get the cashier a bottle of water, or some mints when you go through the line.

~Make a meal for a family who has been away or has a family funeral.

~ Send an edible arrangement to someone.

~Food, food, food. This was mentioned multiple times!
Everyone eats, everyone likes food they didn’t have to make.

~ Hospitals tend to serve unhealthy food, so things like a fruit bouquet or a homemade, nourishing soup for someone with a long stay is nice.

~Send some money if there’s a need.

~Pay for the person behind you in line.

~Doing things for mamas of little ones because I know what it’s like to feel as if you’re drowning in work and exhausted. Sewing, taking their food for a church carry-in, giving baked goods/food, helping with their little ones at church etc.

~ I want to take more time to listen to and hear others. I want to open my home more this year to those who are close to me and are in my sphere of influence.

~ Give words of affirmation in a card and send it in the mail.

~ Kiss your husband.

~ I enjoy giving a small loaf of sweet bread to someone… or a homemade cheese ball with crackers.

~ Send a funny post card.

~ Can veggies or a sauce for someone.

~Do a pay-it-forward.

~ Make something homemade to give as a gift.

~Buy something special for someone, especially if it’s something that I know they’ve been really wanting, but maybe wouldn’t buy it themselves because of either not being able to afford it.

~ Clean her house.

~ Send boxes in the mail for no occasion

~Make a meal for a newly pregnant Mom when she’s feeling yucky.

~ Texting someone and getting their grocery list, then going and filling it.

~ Smile.

~ Let people go before me in line at the grocery store.

~Put a note in your husband’s lunch box.
If he doesn’t pack a lunch, stick it in his pocket.

~ Send a hot drink in to the school teacher.

~ It’s fun to host summer dinner parties, or invite a few girlfriends over for coffee and pastries.

~ Give a small keepsake gift to a friend who miscarried her baby recently.

~ I enjoy hosting groups in my back yard.

~Take people out for coffee or lunch at a cute deli.

~ I love to give my hardworking friends at school chocolate and cards to encourage their efforts with geometry and biology.

~ Pack a small basket of snacks and activities for a family to occupy the children on a road trip.

~ I love to meet friends for coffee and listen to what is going on in there lives.

~Make someone a meal.

~ Make something you enjoy to surprise people on their birthdays or for a hostess gift.

~ Send a text. Let them know you care.

~ Fix a themed basket, whether it be color, like a basket of sunshine, or any other theme.

~ Send old fashioned snail mail,
just to say hi, I love you, how are you.

~ Drop in with a specialty coffee/Sonic drink.

~ Give a bouquet of flowers.

~ Send a sunshine box to someone in medical difficulty.

~ Pay for community service worker’s meals, police, EMT’s.

~ Offer your services for 4 hours. Whatever she wants you to do.

~ Hug your children.

~ Take someone out to eat.

~ Prepare your husband’s favorite meal.

~ Offer to make an extra dish for our church carry-in if you know someone has had a busy week.

~ Be a ‘secret pal’ to a mother or grandmother.

~ A phone call!

~ When we have overnight company I like making their room and bathroom comfortable and welcoming with a candle, flowers, or anything they might need.

And the most important comment,
It doesn’t have to be perfect!!

Go, and be a blessing.


To go along with the spirit of giving…
a little tale from this house.

Dakota was “writing a card” as he says, for someone.
I asked him,  “Would you like to send her some money?”
D: “Ummmm,” ….long pause…..  (whispers) “Mine?”
Me: “No, I’ll give you some to send.”
D: “Whew, that was close. Sure I’ll send her money!”

Looks like someone has a few lessons to learn on the spirit of giving.


10 thoughts on “Of Giving

  1. Wow, Shannon. I had seen your giveaway, but never got over here to comment on it. (Besides, usually those things are for U.S. residents only!) I did want to read all the ideas and now you compiled them so nicely for me. Thank you.

    Oh Dakota. That sentiment sounds familiar.


  2. Wow, those are amazing ideas!! There are some amazing, thoughtful people in this world. I feel like I learn SO MUCH from reading all those ideas!! Love that you compiled them. I’m sad I missed the giveaway. 🙂


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