The Winner

What an interesting week it’s been.
All week the comments have kept trickling in
5-6 at a time to start with,
then it slowed to 1-2 a day.
This morning at 5:20am the last one was written
before I closed it.

So many good ideas!
I don’t know if I’ll ever work through the whole
list and get all of them done.
I will be doing a post shortly,
compiling all them together to make it easier
for you to read through and find an idea to do.

I listed everyone’s name on my paper
and numbered them from 1-99!
We needed just 1 more.
My husband offered to leave a comment to even things out.
I asked if he knew I would be keeping the gift if I drew his name. 🙂
He didn’t comment, if you were wondering.

blog give away (2)

I used Random Number Generator to pick a number
and it chose number 42!

Trish Hostetler

Congratulations Trish.

Her comment was:
Send a card just to say hi & I love you, praying for you, etc … probly cuz I love getting cards, so it’s what I relate to.

P.S. I love this idea – to encourage each other to reach out n bless others. I may just steal it for my SRC site giveaway sometime.

SRC stands for Stoney Ridge Candles.
Follow this link to her Facebook site.
(and buy something, they are wonderful)

Trish and I are related by marrying into the same family.
She is wonderful lady with a big heart for people.
There is no doubt she deserves to win this,
knowing her and all she does for others.

Congratulations again and hope you enjoy it Trish!


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