A Give Away

Give Away Closed. 1/23/15

A give away for you for no reason,
other then it sounded like fun to give someone something.
People bless me, I want to return the favor.

I had fun wandering around stores
collecting things {I liked} that would make a nice gift.
More then one item I considered keeping
but decided to give it to you instead.

If you enter and win, but don’t want it,
bless someone else and pass it on.

blog give away (1)
::just for you, just because::

blog give away (2)
A few things I love.

blog give away (4)
A fat coffee cup, all yellow inside, with the prettiest little bike on it.

blog give away (6)
A bag of Starbucks Blonde beans to brew up something good to fill the cup.

blog give away (5)
A pretty little white bowl full of chocolates.
Now in the spirit of being honest, the chocolates are not something I love,
they are just a bonus for you because I’m sure you love them.

blog give away (3)
A stack of note cards to fill out, give away, and bless your friends.

blog give away (7)
An off white scarf with lace on the ends and pretty edging.

blog give away (1)


Now, you can’t just comment and say hi
and you can’t just “like” the post on Facebook.
In order to enter the give away,
I have a question for you to answer.

What is something you like to do for someone?

Make a meal, write a note, clean a house, or anything in between.
We can all do things for others, big and small.
It can be our family, a friend or a stranger.
Everyone likes to be on the receiving end of something done in love.

Your comment can be a paragraph full of ideas or a single line,
a comment on the blog or on Facebook.
Comments will be open for 1 week then we will draw one name.

I hope to have lots of ideas of things to do for people
when you are done commenting.
And after you read through the comments,
I hope you make use of some of the ideas too.


63 thoughts on “A Give Away

  1. When I hear of a newly pregnant Mama, I love to take her a meal, especially if she’s feeling yucky in the kitchen. One of my good friends had a birthday right over the time of her yucky pregnancy stage w/ baby #3. I had so much fun fixing about 6 freezer meals for her gift.

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  2. A phone call! I give my mother pone calls frequently, as my parents age rolls change. I live 4 hours from my parents and cannot just stop in. So a phone call means a lot to my mother.

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  3. A giveaway is a good way to get your incognito readers to poke their heads out 🙂 Great collection of things, love blonde roast and that scarf is gorgeous! My favorite things to do for people usually involve food; tea parties, taking snacks to the park, cooking someone’s favorite meal.

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  4. I like to make food of some kind for friends if I know they aren’t feeling good or just because. I know how nice it is to get a break from cooking and it’s fun to give someone else that break sometimes. In all honesty though, I don’t do it as often as I’d like to.

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  5. Lovely collection for a giveaway! You have a generous heart thinking about kindness for others and I loved reading all these ideas. Might have to jot some down in my planner. One thing I like to do is when we have a visiting speaker for meetings from far away and the wife stays at home…I like to wire her a bouquet of flowers. I also like to give an after church snack to the family hosting the visiting speaker. It can be overwhelming figuring out what to serve after church for a whole week when you are going going going and tired. I also like to fix a basket of mints, chapstick, nuts, etc for my guests in their room. Or a few stems of fresh flowers. One idea I just heard recently is to offer to wash a familys vehicles when there is a death. I haven’t had opportunity to do that but I thought it was a nice idea. I also have a 16 yr old son so that is doable for me where maybe it isn’t so practical for a young family.

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  6. I like to give people gifts. It’s so fun to be shopping, see something, and immediately think ‘oh, ________ would love that!’. I have grand fun sometimes filling a box and mailing it to a rriend who lives out of the area, or slipping a gift bag or a meal into someone’s vehicle after church. Another fun thing that I currently have going is an FTD.com membership. With free delivery, because of the membership, it is delightful to have flowers sent to loved ones and bring smiles to their day, whether for their birthday, or just because.

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  7. I love feeding people! Taking a nice meal to someone or feeding them at my house.
    Also love buying something special for someone, especially if it’s something that I know they’ve been really wanting, but maybe wouldn’t buy it themselves because of either not being able to afford it, etc.

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