January – 365

I am going to give Project 365 a shot this year.
It remains to be seen if I will get it all accomplished or not.
I already missed Jan 4 since I started a bit late but
that just gives room for other missed days.
Some will be taken with my camera
and some with my cell phone.

1-1 – We crack crab legs with the big guns.

1-2 She loves to watch this video. “Gin, gin” she yells when it’s over.

1-3 Isn’t this just begging to be filled with coffee?

1-5 The puzzlers of the family

1-6 Snow day baking with the kids

1-7 It’s cold and snowy outside so they snuggle together inside.

1-8 Little pancakes for little people.
They are stacked on a dessert plate and the top one is
about the size of a quarter.

1-9 Her full time hobby.

1-10 On Saturdays her creative spirit comes out when she has time to play.

1-11 All ready for church.

1-12 Breakfast of champions

1-13 Sweet hands quilting with love.

1-14 Do you know how hard it is to teach a left hander to write?

5 thoughts on “January – 365

  1. Love this. What fun it would be to look back through the year in pictures! But I’d be doing good to remember to do it for even a month 🙂 Still….an idea to keep in mind.


  2. I enjoy this insight into your life! I have a son with a full time hobby of reading! He always has books everywhere. He does read them all though. I was wondering what the movie is that your daughter is watching?


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