A New Year Christmas

And one more Christmas post!
We spent some time in IN over Christmas
then came back for some more Christmas at home.
How many times can you write Christmas in the first 3 lines?
Quite often it would seem.

This particular Christmas party has another name around here.
Jammie Christmas.

A few years ago my MIL came up with the bright idea
to buy each of her grandchildren a pair of pajamas for Christmas.
Every kid on the block has too many toys,
needs nothing new at all,
but can always use a new pair of snugglies.
All the moms were happy and the kids were happy too.
This started back when there were only a few grandchildren in the family.
Today, she still buys jammies for all of them,
only now she has 14 to buy for.

blog 1-15 (1)
We started Jammie Christmas on New Years Eve here
and moved over to Grandma’s on New Years Day to continue the party.

blog 1-15 (2)
It was a full house here Wed night.
Bethany was home and Ervin’s came for the evening.
We had a great time, everyone stayed till after midnight and then tired kids and their parents fell into bed. I wish I could say the kids all slept late the next morning so the parents could too, but with Little One living here, that is an impossible idea.

blog 1-15 (3)
Bethany played Bingo with these 3 at Grandma’s.
I guess you could say it was a form of Bingo
with 3 that don’t read big numbers. 🙂

blog 1-15 (4)
Sometimes the littles just need Mommy instead of more action.

blog 1-15 (5)
We had a fabulous meal.
Shrimp, crab legs, pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, sour kraut,
and all kinds of other things to go with it.
As you can see, we pull out the big guns when we crack crab legs!

blog 1-15 (6)
A few weeks ago I bought matching shirts for these 2.
Completely unplanned, they wore the shirts and matching skirts. 🙂
For almost 2 year olds, they play together very well.

blog 1-15 (7)
Mr Liam!

blog 1-15 (8)
The kids were just itching to get to these pajamas and we made them wait all afternoon! As soon as Grandma had her stack ready, they were closing in on her, waiting for their pair.

blog 1-15 (9)
Quite happy.

blog 1-15 (10)
Tradition requires that everyone change into pajamas immediately!
It was an accomplished feat to get a photo when they were all looking.

blog 1-15 (11)
This is a game playing family.
I am the outcast that doesn’t care for board games.
I get itchy and antsy when I have to sit still for too long.

We gave ourselves a break from each other on Friday
and then got together again on Sat night for pizza!
Bethany was still here so we make the most of those times.
blog 1-15 (12)
Liam created entertainment for these guys!

blog 1-15 (13)
She was happy with her perch!

blog 1-15 (14)
And the last activity of the evening… measuring all the kids.
Stand with your your heels to the board,
your back straight, and give every inch you have!
They make the most of it.

Dan started measuring his children on this board about once a year when they were quite young. I think I saw Carrie’s first mark at 6 months old. He would mark their height, write their age and sometimes their weight. The board has filled up with marks, names and numbers on the other side so there is hardly room to write. He flipped it around now and started marking the grandchildren on the back side. It’s a highlight for them when he gets it out.

It’s fun to compared the kids, and who was what height at what age. Madison was snickering a little that she, at 11 years old, is the same height that Loren was at 15. I told her she probably won’t think it’s so funny when she’s done growing at 6ft 2in or something like that.

If your children are all young this would be a fun thing to start with them.
They will always remind you to measure  and have fun comparing things as they get older.

This was the last of our Holiday parties, sadly,
but who needs an excuse to get together with family.
Anytime will do.


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