Mr. Nobody

We have a 7th person living with us
and he sure is a busy little guy!
Oh, the things Nobody does.

 Nobody let his dirty tissues lay on the end tables.

Nobody threw all the sofa pillows on the floor.

Nobody finished the bag of chips
and put it back in the pantry.

Nobody let his shoes right inside the door to be tripped over.

Nobody used the last bit of toilet paper and left it empty.

Nobody left his coat laying on the bench inside the door
instead of hanging it up.

Nobody ate the last cookie and left the bowl sitting empty
with the lid half open and crumbs on the floor.

blog 12-17-14
{Not everything on the list was this Nobody}

Nobody dropped his wet towel in a heap on the bathroom floor.

Nobody walked across the kitchen floor with muddy boots.

Nobody forgot to feed the dog.

Nobody cleaned out his backpack and left the crumbs
strewn across the kitchen.

Nobody opened cabinet door and left it standing wide.

Nobody didn’t get the books out, why should he put them away?

Nobody filled the trash can in the corner into a mountain
heaped with tissues.

Nobody ate cookies at the top of the steps
and left crumbs for Mom to step in.

Nobody brushed his teeth and left globs of toothpaste all over the sink.

Nobody took all the pillows off the couch in the basement.

Nobody used the pot and didn’t flush.

Nobody ate the candy from the wrappers behind the chair.

Nobody spread toys all over the basement floor.

Nobody cluttered the room with papers, pens, crayons, and markers.

It isn’t Nobody’s turn to pick up the game because he didn’t get it out.

Nobody left paper scraps and scissors laying for Little One to get.

It wasn’t me.

How about your house?
Does Mr Nobody live there too?
Is he just as busy?
And what all does he do?

7 thoughts on “Mr. Nobody

  1. Love it, Shannon, he must be a pretty busy guy, he has visited our house on many occasions. He must also be getting up there in years because I can remember my mom being frustrated with him when I was a kid. 🙂


  2. Yes, I think he comes to our house every day. He dips his finger in the icing bucket, and forgets to put the lid on tight, he forgets what the trash can and laundry basket are for. My list is long, I will cease from speaking of all his deeds 😉


  3. Nobody’s brother, It Wasn’t Me lives at our house. It Wasn’t Me put a soaked roll of toilet paper in the bottom of the trash can and covered it with other trash. He scribbles on my walls as well and he is constantly eating the candy I have stored in the freezer.


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