Because We Can

Do you ever want to do things,
just because you can?
Just for fun.
For no reason but to amuse yourself or someone else.
You don’t need a reason.
You have today to do it, why not?

Your children are only this age once.
Enjoy them. Tomorrow they will roll their eyes at you!

blog 11-5-14 (1)

What did you do with them today
that they will remember later?

(anyone see the ball of bread dough?)

blog 11-5-14 (2)

Our amusement for today was sitting on the living room floor,
eating ice cream out of the bowl, sharing one spoon,
just because we wanted to.

(dough boy/ball is now a pancake)

blog 11-5-14 (3)

We propped up the camera, set the timer
then watched and counted the blinks while we ate.
Just because it was fun.

(dough boy pancake on the move)

blog 11-5-14 (4)

He got the biggest charge out of running to push the button
and hurrying back to watch it blink.

(dough boy holding still, afraid of being squashed again)

blog 11-5-14 (5)

And even funnier was when he pushed the button and we weren’t ready.
You should have heard him laugh.
It was a great 5 year old belly laugh!

(I heard the dough boy hoarsely whisper his fear of that thunder thigh)

blog 11-5-14 (6)

Next he wanted to hold the camera and push the button.
“Now Mom, just lean over a little bit so I can see you in the picture too.”

blog 11-5-14 (7)“Oh, I didn’t know I missed your head.”
And he laughed again.

(squashed dough boy is sneaking for the couch of safety)

blog 11-5-14 (8)

It was then he realized that all the time he’s been pushing the button,
Mom is eating ice cream and if he wants any
he better take it from her or there will be none left.

So was the end of the ice cream eating party.
Now my coffee is ready
while my bread bakes
and the house smells great.
just because i can.

Do something today, just because you can!

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