This Week and More

Of course on the day when I have 1000 things to do,
I have 100 blog ideas roaming around in my brain.
When I have a house full of company coming for the weekend,
starting today, I have no time to be sitting and writing,
yet here I sit.
I prefer to call it resting, but I think
it should be called procrastination at it’s best.

Blog 10-29-14 (3)
(do you see the bug?)

What have we been up to?
Other then cleaning and cooking?
Cooking and cleaning.
Things never look bad on the surface,
but dig a little deeper in your house
and you find things that resemble Halloween.
It’s frightening, I tell you.

Blog 10-29-14 (6)

One night after supper while her family was otherwise occupied
she helped herself to the leftover cheese.

Blog 10-29-14 (7)
And a few minutes after getting her away from the cheese,
she helped herself to the ranch dip!
Doesn’t she look a little guilty?

Most days I feel like I’m spinning my wheels with her.
If she isn’t ripping through the living room with an egg in her hand,
she’s hiding behind the couch playing with my phone.
The dog causes her much grief
and she thinks she is unable to go outside for even a minute
without being held.

The dog causes this mother much grief also.
Everything you can imagine gets chewed and drug across the lawn.
The cat who hasn’t been seen for a week made an appearance today
only to quickly be chased across the lawn with much yapping.

Blog 10-29-14 (4)

Blog 10-29-14 (5)

Fall popped in for a little visit and then was soon gone.
As short as it was, we appreciated the little visit it gave us.
It is quite ugly and looking wintery around here compared to this
a few weeks ago.

Blog 10-29-14 (2)
Remember awhile ago this Mother mentioned spell check
being one of her best friends.
Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
I figured out #4 and #8 but I’m not sure about #6.
Too bad they don’t have spell check in their school books.

Blog 10-29-14 (1)
We hit up the bike path the other night.
This particular one is a favorite because of the train parked along side it.
We met some family there and then
stopped at their place for popcorn and apples on the way home.
Good times!

Blog 10-29-14 (8)
Once upon a time
the lady of this house saw an empty spot on her wall
and decided a few shelves would look nice.
In her mind it was easy peasy.
Buy the stuff, slap it up.
Or rather, kindly ask Mr Husband to slap it up.

An important little fact she forgot was that Mr Husband
doesn’t slap anything up.
He measures, straightens, makes the boards,
paints them, and then checks into the walls and studs.
Finding things were not in the proper place after he started,
he waits a day, stops at Lowes for more items
and proceeds to spend mucho time
“doing it right.”

She putters here and there while he works,
feeling kind of bad that he’s spending so much time
on a Sat doing this for her.
But he keeps working without complaining.

Once it was done, she slapped a few things up,
in her usual style and called it good.

A few days later he mentioned
that these shelves might be blog worthy
and she told him she will, as soon as she gets time!
And so here it is, and she’s likes it muchly.

Blog 10-29-14 (9)
If you want nice shelves, just ask! 🙂

It seems the nephews that are coming rarely travel,
since they asked their mom where they will sleep
and if they can shower when they stay here.

And to the sisters of that Mom,
things will probably be a little less then calm, cool and collected
around here this weekend.
Excitement is running high at the prospect of family company
and the dog just came in the house through the door
that was left standing wide open.
What a weekend it will be.
Don’t you wish you were our family?

6 thoughts on “This Week and More

  1. There’s so much I love about this post but I’ve decided what I mostly love is your sense of humor 🙂 🙂

    ps The husband deserves a Gold Star, the shelves are lovely!

    pps Or maybe its the wife who deserves it for patiently letting him “do it right” 😉


  2. Love those shelves!! I’d be a happy wife too. 😉 We’re so lucky to have husbands who can do those things for us!
    And busy little child – I can understand that! I’ve got a little boy like that too. So wonderful and exasperating at once!
    And yay for family coming! What a wonderful weekend ahead for you guys!


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