Meet Samson

Our family has increased by 1.
He’s a fuzzy wuzzy, black and furry,
jumping, barking, whining pup.

blog 10-13-14 (1)

Meet Samson.
aka: Sam, Sammy, Sam I Am,
or anything else I yell in the middle of the night.

(Sorry to disappoint ya if you were hoping for some other kind of announcement.)

blog 10-13-14 (3)

I am not overly fond of animals and would be happy to live without them,
but Eric’s been saying we need a dog for Dakota for a long time now.
Mr D was/is scared of dogs, dreadfully so,
and Eric thought having his own would help.

Thursday night this one was hand delivered,
and he was ours, whether we wanted him or not.
Well they all did, the Mother, not so much.

They promptly brought him in,
named him, and he had a home.

7x5 - Page 018
{“Oh, I just love, love, love, his ears!” -Mr D}

Friday morning, they were all up with the birds,
to feed, water and care for this dog.
The Mom knows how long that will last.

blog 10-13-14 (10)
{Watching the girls leave for school.}

Dakota spent all day outside with him.
I was happy to see him loving this dog
and I asked if he’s not scared of dogs anymore.
“Well, I’m not scared of this one, but he’s little. I don’t like big ones.”
The fact that Sam is going to get quite big will remain our secret.

blog 10-13-14 (4)

He would pen him up and let him loose,
go for a walk, drive a jeep and Sam would be right behind.

blog 10-13-14 (5)

They did a lot of exploring in the woods before the girls came home,
probably more then Dakota has done all summer.

blog 10-13-14 (6)

And then Reagan came home from school.
She loves this dog as much as Dakota and couldn’t wait to play with him.
She threw her things in the door and raced outside.
Much to her dismay,
Sam loved Dakota more than her.

It didn’t take Mr D long to figure out
that if he walked way, Sam would follow him.
Much to his delight, he could aggravate Reagan to no end with this.

And round and round they went.

blog 10-13-14 (7)

I finally got them playing together in the leaf pile
and they all had fun. I think.
Sam soon tired out and wanted to sleep.
Mr D wanted to cover him with leaves.
Reagan would not hear of that.
And round and round they went.

blog 10-13-14 (8)

Sam still has a few lessons to learn about nighttime behavior.
As in, sleeping all night with no crying.
There was a pillow over my head one night
and a trip outside the next.
You’d think we had a newborn!

blog 10-13-14 (9)

Many many years ago, I had a Sam of my own.
I think I’m about to have one again once the newness wears off.

By the way, has anyone seen our cat?
Last sighting here was a fast exit for the woods
with a black streak behind him.


5 thoughts on “Meet Samson

  1. love!! You know what’s sad, though? Just because you have your own dog doesn’t necessarily mean your child won’t fear other dogs. We have 2 and Liesl still thinks I need to carry her into the house from the car when we go to my sister’s house and she sees their frisky black dog. I hope your kids keep loving and caring for Samson.


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