Those Dishes

Mr D decided to go drive his jeep,
which prompted Reagan to go drive another one and race with him,
which prompted Madison to rip outside with her own battery
and squish into a jeep
and at the end of this very long run on sentence,
they are currently yelling and screaming outside in the lawn.

I, on the other hand,
am doing a stellar job of avoiding
all the dirty dishes sitting here.
Yes, we do have a dishwasher,
and no, there is not a spare spot left empty in it.
It is currently jam full and happily running.
It was a day full of dishes, sadly.

Growing up I washed dishes all the time.
All the time.
Yes Mother, I did, my memory serves me well.

When we lived in the basement,
I remember absolutely dreading that moment
after eating when Mom would start clearing the table.
“Come on Shannon, help me do the dishes.”

Ugh, for a row of 6 sisters I never wished for more.

On days when Mom fed the farmers,
there was an astronomical amount of dishes in my young eyes.
My cousin was usually around and we washed and dried them together.

Mom’s comments would be,
“If you hurry, you’ll be done sooner and you can go play!”
That logic didn’t work.
1 dish. 1 dish. ever so slowly.
“Why don’t you race the clock? Be done before 1:30.”
Didn’t work.
On we plodded.

I’m sure by the time we were half way done
and Mom had cleaned everything else up,
she offered to finish so we could go.
Who wouldn’t instead of pushing 2 girls along.

Blessed Beyond 10-6 (1)
(My snitch off my MIL)

I never grew to love doing dishes
and that is the reason I sit here typing,
instead of doing them first.

Madison just walked in.
“I really don’t feel like being out there!”
My reply, “Then do the dishes.”
She made a swift U turn and said,
“I really do feel like being out there.”
I see the lack of love is being passed along.

My girls are spoiled with a dishwasher.
Sometimes I contemplate not using it one night,
just to make them appreciate it,
but I’ve never gone through with it.
What if I would end up having to do them?

All that said, I am thankful.
Thankful I have the dishes and all that goes with them.

When I started this post,
to avoid the dishes,
I had no intention of writing about them.
That’s how we roll around here.
Off to finish my work.

Or maybe not…

Mr D just came in.
“Would like to wash dishes for me?” I asked.
His reply,
Oh my word, I’ve been waiting to do that all year!
I need soap.
Roll up my sleeve!
Take off my shirt.
I can’t wait!
Oh my word, this is gonna be so much fun.”

Blessed Beyond 10-6 (2)

And this my friends, is why you procrastinate.

Never mind the fact that I’ll probably have to mop later.


2 thoughts on “Those Dishes

  1. Well, if you’re anything like me, the enforced mopping was actually badly needed, anyway. 😉
    I had a ridiculous stack of dishes to wash tonight, and the only child willing to help was 18 mos. old. *sigh* The thing is, I about can’t stand having my big boys wash them, because their water is only lukewarm, and that drives me nuts.


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