Life ‘Round Here

Blog 9-26 (9)

Good Sunshiny morning from Ohio.

These mornings are just the best.
Cool, crisp, and foggy.
Coffee never tasted better
and we have nothing better to do
then sit on the porch, sip it and watch the sun rise.

Blog 9-26 (10)

We live a life of leisure, wining and dining the days away.

Blog 9-26 (8)

We do brunches, lunches, and coffee breaks,
sitting with friends and family.

Blog 9-26 (4)

Throw in an elegant wedding occasionally and we are good to go!

In reality this may or may not be happening.

Trust me, back on the farm there is real life abounding.

Blog 9-26 (12)

We get up early and read to our babies!

Blog 9-26 (5)

We watch patiently, or not,
the entire 12 minutes it takes to bake cookies.

Blog 9-26 (6)

We steal cookies and wear big bows brother sticks in our hair.

Blog 9-26 (7)

We climb trees.
And then look down and wonder how we got up here.

Blog 9-26 (13)

We stalk the neighboring Amish school,
wishing we dared to take pictures while they kids played.

Blog 9-26 (14)

We drive jeeps. and more jeeps. too many jeeps.
We park. We have parades. We teach little sister to drive.

Blog 9-26 (2)

We go to Mc Donald’s and play to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday.
It doesn’t matter that Grandpa lives many miles away
and wasn’t with us that day.

Blog 9-26 (1)

We also poke our fingers into every soft tomato that we find.

Blog 9-26 (16)

We do trips to Home Depot and drive the big bus.
What a jolly good time we (they) had.

Blog 9-26 (3)

We leave the sour gummy worms on the table opened
and someone helps herself.

Blog 9-26 (11)

That someone also growls at the screen when this picture comes up.
We don’t have to wonder why.

Blog 9-26 (15)

We go church camping and take pretty pictures.

We are enjoying real life.
Next up according to Mr D.
Finding enough leaves for a pile to jump in.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“I want to be a spy.”
Sibling reply: “But you can’t. You go to church!!”


4 thoughts on “Life ‘Round Here

  1. Ooooh, so many lovely things!! Your beautiful mornings make me jealous. I don’t know if the misty mornings are just a northern thing or not, but we don’t have them here. I LOVE them! Your pictures seem so magical.
    My girls would be so jealous of all your kids’ jeeps! They have begged for one for ages! πŸ™‚
    Also, I recognize the place where all the dishes are from! I loved those open cupboards with all the various dishes, and took a similar picture when I was there. Your picture would be so pretty as a canvas in a kitchen.


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