That Mama Drama

Be completely humble and gentle:
be patient,
bearing with one another in love.
Eph 4:2

 As a mom of 4,
I know all to well what happens
when stress takes over.

Trying to get ready to go somewhere,
{4 minutes left}
kids are suppose to be ready…
but 1 can’t find his shoes,
1 forgot to brush her teeth,
the other one is reading,
and the 4th is in a state of total undress.

2 words:
Mama Drama.

Snapping. Yelling.
Pushing the kids along.
And usually one of them ends up crying.

All because Mom lost her cool.
Emotions spun out of control and I took it out on them,
I didn’t think before I talked or yelled.
With the pressure still rising,
everything humble, gentle and patient
has long flown out the window.

Because of my drama,
kids start having melt downs
and fighting between them increases
at the speed of a race car!
Now instead of just yelling about getting ready,
I’m loosing my cool over the fighting.


On the other hand,
what would happen if I choose not to take it out on them?
If I choose humbleness, gentleness and patience with them,
especially when stress is at an all time high?
It has to be a choice, believe me I know,
because it doesn’t come naturally.

How much more smoothly would things go
if I pulled away from the wreck I created
and took a ‘time out’ for myself?
If there isn’t time to pull away,
breathe deep to Jesus.
“Jesus, help me! I need wisdom and self control!”

He will be there.
He will help.

A quote I read that got me thinking about this:

“When you surrender your emotions, actions and reactions to God,
peace can become your new norm.”

~May peace be your norm this week!



5 thoughts on “That Mama Drama

  1. Oh my mama drama… how well i know. Peace as a norm sounds wonderful! If only achieving it were so easy. Sigh. I kick myself so many times for taking it out on everyone else.. over and over and over. Will I ever learn? I don’t know, but it is something I can strive for.


  2. It appears we’re all made out of the same stuff — here’s another one over here nodding her head!! Thankfully we all have the same Father too……


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