School Time

Say it isn’t so.
Those early mornings.
That early bedtime.
Daily runs to and from.
Homework. (they better not yet)
Studying for tests.
Bible memory.
And lunches.
Who could forget packing those!

School it is.
Here already.

School (1)
{Reagan – 3rd grade}

She was very excited this morning.
And a little sad.
She has to leave her beloved Miss Lois
behind and move on to the next room.
Miss Katie will be a wonderful teacher, I’m sure.

School (3)
{Madison – 6th grade}

Madison was nervous this morning,
leaving Miss Britt and moving up with the big guys.
She was ready to go back,
but reading all day appealed a little more.
Last night she says,
“Don’t you feel sorry for us,
for tomorrow we will be confined to the chains
of the prison called school!”

School (2)

{The 2 inside were less the happy}

School (4)

I think they were ready.
Restlessness had set in and they needed
a schedule and more to do.
Now I have a schedule too and more to do.
More to do would refer to the Little One around here.
I guess she notices the change because
we have not had a very good morning.
If she’s not whining around my legs,
she’s running away with Dakota’s toys!
I’m hoping in a few days we’ll have a new normal.

School (5)

How can I have daughters in 6th and 3rd grade?
What happened?
Am I not still 20 years old?
I was yesterday!
Or at least I thought so in my mind.

Sometimes I look around and I wonder,
“How did I get here? Are these my children?
I’m not old enough to be a mom to these kids!”

But the ones I call mine keep hanging around,
acting like I know what I’m doing in this parenting realm…
so I guess I’ll keep trying.

School (8)

3 happy purple 3rd graders.

School (6)


And we’re off to another good year.

School (9)

School (10)

Bless you teachers as you teach!
I for one, sure am happy for the job you do!


4 thoughts on “School Time

  1. I laughed as I read your what happened? line πŸ™‚ I totally feel the same way! We also have a 3d & 6th grader. And I Miss my ” babysitter” going back to school πŸ™‚


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