Of Fishing With Kids

And then there is Monday,
that day after a relaxing weekend.
Yeah, THAT day.
The day my brain refuses to function correctly.

It was a good weekend.
The first one since the middle of June
that we have been home the entire weekend with nothing calling our name.
We caught up on a few things around here
and then took the kids fishing at Grandpa’s pond Sat night.

Fishing (1)

Not my favorite activity, by a long shot.
Worms, gills and slim,
never mind flying hooks, mud
and a total 3 ring circus.
I should have sold tickets!
I think we “fished” for over 20 minutes
before Eric ever cast his line.

Fishing (2)

See photos for case in point.
There was always someone needing something.
Where was I besides taking photos?
Dodging hooks and doing the same thing he was doing!

Madison caught a bunch of fish to start with.
I get half the credit for all hers caught
because I baited the hook and then took them off.
She is one of those non-touchers when it comes to anything gross.
Her version is that she will do anything else, just not worms.
I finally told her if she wants to fish she has to do it all herself.
Reagan pipes up and says, “Oh I’ll do it for you!”
Yeah, I didn’t have to bait any for her.

Fishing (3)

And this guy.
We baited, tossed and he slowly reeled.
Repeat process.
At one point Eric picked up the pole at the same time the fish bit.
Mr D still think he caught that fish!
And yes, he is quite happy fishing with a pink pole.
Please don’t ruin that or you will be buying him a blue one.

Fishing (4)

She finally managed to snag a half decent one.
Don’t ask me what it’s called.
All I know was that it was 15 inches long and
she refused to hold it for a picture.

(Have you seen Eric fishing yet? Nope!)

While that was in progress Reagan snagged her line.
After much yanking and yelling, it was still not coming loose.
The Dad to the rescue. again.

Fishing (5)

We finally found a good spot for him to sit.
It was getting dangerous to even stand still
for fear of being hooked.
He sat here for the longest time,
never moving except to yell that he’s not catching anything.
One time I looked over to see him standing, watering the pond.
Must have worked because he caught one soon after that.

Fishing (6)

If someone caught a fish in one spot,
everyone else ran to that spot.
Reagan caught a little one from the boat next.
If it’s the same one, I don’t feel sorry for him.

The Father of the tribe made his escape as you can see,
and let me deal with worms and hooks.

What happened next across the pond,
I wish I had on video, but since we don’t,
we can only hope you have a good imagination.

Fishing (7)

He caught the biggest fish ever caught in this little pond
and such hooping and hollering you have never seen!
He was quite happy with his 21.5 incher.
It just might have been worth 20 minutes of baiting hooks to catch this guy.

Fishing (8)

And because we had enough fish and Eric caught a bigger one,
Madison had to let hers go.
She was not amused about it at all,
but was willing to carry it over and drop him in.

All in all, they called it a good evening but
I for one am not asking for a repeat.
Next time we go, I’ll let you know.
If you should decide to come watch,
just know you’ll be doing more then watching.

2 thoughts on “Of Fishing With Kids

  1. Oh my! Brings back childhood memories…. I haven’t fished for years and years! Maybe I wanna keep it that way – I can only imagine the circus being in the parents shoes 🙂 You’re making great memories!!


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