Mr D’s Wise Words

Quotes of the day from Mr D.

While standing in the chip aisle at Walmart,
amid every single person in the county
that came to shop on a hot July 2,
this mom was rather flustered.

I was looking over my list when I felt a small hand rubbing my stomach and heard
“Oh my goodness Mom! I think we’re gonna have another baby soon!”

My mouth flew open and I was like,
“What in the world made you say that?”

“Oh I don’t know, it just sure looks like it!”

And that my friends, is a mother’s call to weight loss,
not a pregnancy announcement.


“Mom, you know how I always want a kids meal and toy at Old McDonalds?”
“hmmm, yeah…”
“Well, you should just get me one then I could stop yelling for it every time!”

Oh really? And you think that will work?


He loves to sing.
We sing all the time we drive.

The other day I heard an usual version of Veggie Tales.
“Celery, Broccoli, um um greens….. gummy bears!”

And so goes life around here.


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