This Week and More

Random thoughts from this wigwam.
The Mother of this wigwam is tired.
Oh, so tired.
The brain is working slowly
so when I say random, I mean just that!


I “thought” we were going to have a slow relaxing summer.
Thought being the key word.
That thought is currently gone with the wind.

This small piece of relaxing happened last night.
Was fun while it lasted.


When your daughters say to you,
“Let’s sign up for the summer reading program at the library!”
just say no.
They already read much more then a brain can comprehend in a day,
no use encouraging it with cheap prizes.
Lest you think I don’t like reading, I do.
It’s just that you don’t understand a Hostetler’s obsession with it until you see it in person.

Such as this:

You read until the very last second possible,
then you mark your page with whatever is handy!
Because… because you’re coming right back!


The dirty laundry per person ratio of this household is astounding.
I am quite sure there must be elves in the basement
dressing and undressing while stomping on the clean clothes.
There is about a 5 second pause of thanks the minute I am caught up
until the next dirty piece hit the clothes hamper.


This has been the name of the game here last week.
It may be small but that doesn’t seem to matter much.


All 3 of my big fish have spent entire afternoons in here.


No matter the depth, we must wear goggles.
There are things to be seen down under the sea!


She had a birthday.
11 years.
Say it isn’t so!


Wasn’t she just a baby yesterday?
Now she cooks supper for me?
Oh well, if that’s the case, continue growing!



Last week, or maybe the week before, who is counting anyway,
we had a picnic on the patio for family we don’t see often.
I wish I could claim this porch, but I can’t.
All I claim is the long porch with no railing you keep seeing.
I am very happy with that porch in case you wondered.


These 2 cousins.
2 weeks apart in age.
Not too happy to play together yet,
but one day we hope.

I squeezed them on here together
and said, “Stay! Because you look cute like that!”
It lasted 1 minute or less.


If the rain doesn’t wash your car today,
stop by the free car wash.



If it’s small enough,
it will get a complete detail.



This weekend was a time of mourning the loss of the Husband/Dad/Grandpa of a family here.
We cry with them and lift them to Jesus.

Sun night we stopped at the graveyard that his Hostetler Grandparents are buried in.
Such a short time ago, but so long also
that my children have almost no memories of them.
Sentimental feelings come as you stand and remember.



Me and the mini doing what I call “fat trotting.”
I do not enjoy it.
The giant flies around here seem to enjoy me tho.
And the neighbor dogs are always happy to see me.



And a boy with boots “just like Dad’s!”
We stopped at the goodwill and there they were, just like Dad’s.
He wanted them so badly, but they had no price.
“I’ll ask,” I told him “but if they are too much…”
The lady looked them over and looked at Dakota
who was watching her with big hopeful eyes.
She smiled and said, “$2.99.”
And we could do that for a boy
who wants to be just like his Daddy!


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