Of Whining and Work

In the fifth month of the year of our Lord,
the daughters of the tribe of Eric, son of Dan
were weary with their schooling,
ready to be free.

The mother of the tribe was weary also,
ready to be free of the demands
of the rigid schedule.

Excitement mounted
and soon it came to pass
that the school year had ended.
Freedom at last,
(or so they thought)
to do as we please.

Stay awake with the moon,
they surmised,
and sleep past the rising of the sun!
Lie about on pillows of ease,
and read the day away.
The watching of movies,
talk of pools, sun and sand,
parties with tea,
and all things grand.
Life at its best.

But lo, there was the mother of the tribe,
who knew what was to come.
Soon it was, that bickering and grumbling,
followed closely by much wailing
overtook the household.

The daughters of the tribe
commenced to arguing and strife.
“But you did…Β  but you didn’t!”
“Mother, she said this… well she said that!”
And the striving raged on.

The son of the tribe of Eric,
found pleasure in tormenting females,
where upon wailing would ensue,
much to his delight.
Simply placing his hand upon the head of small one
would cause great anguish for all,
followed by his laughter.

And so on and so forth, until the sun went down.
And the evening and the morning were the unending day.

And lo, the mother of the tribe…
had had enough.

The great wide world of outdoors was calling.
And so the door was opened
and the tribe was ushered outside.
But alas, the rains fell and beat upon the roof
and great was the fall of it,
returning the children indoors.

And the evening and the morning were the unending day.

Nearing the end of her sanity,
she rose early andΒ  made lists
of all things profitable,
work of all shapes and sizes to be done,
written on tablets of stone!
The spiders in their webs did quake in fear.

And when her children arose,
she gathered them together
and did line them up with a stern command.

Thus saith the mother and so it shall be.
“If fighting or any such thing equal thereto should occur,
a job will be applied.
All whining and complaining
will be met with more work.
All teasing will be abolished with
cleaning of toilets and sinks!”

And they opened their mouths
and did wail with great cries of anguish.
Where upon the mother applied a job to each.

And all was silent.

So from this day forward peace did reign.
When fighting and wars arise amongst the tribe,
the house becomes clean once again.

All the while the mother secretly debated in her heart
over wishing for school to start again
or enjoying her clean house.


9 thoughts on “Of Whining and Work

  1. LOL this is great! I love how the evening and the morning were the unending day. And the spiders quaking in their webs. And lots of other expressions. πŸ™‚


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