Someone Little

Because of someone little,
we laugh a lot around here.

K (8)

Because of someone little,
we find our toothbrushes anywhere in the house.

We run out of ketchup quickly.
And ranch. And cheese. And anything to dip stuff in.

K (11)

Any water glass within reach is empty.

Because of someone little,
we find food from the pantry all over the house.
We put the candy and chips on the top shelves to keep them safe.

K (6)

We make fools of ourselves trying to get her to laugh.
Or talk.
Which isn’t working.
“Mama” or “Dada” is about as much as she’ll say.
She has her own version ofย  “All done!”
which we hear anytime she has to eat.

K (5)
When someone little falls asleep on her own,
(which is rare)
we tiptoe around taking pictures of her.
(because it is so rare!)
As I said, “Rarely ever!”

On laundry day,
we find dirty clothes all over the house
because someone little drags them along behind.
Like any good girl, she has a real love of clothes and shoes.

K (7)

They wanted her to hold hands with them for a picture.
She wouldn’t.
So they decided to say the prayer we pray at meal time.
We hold her hands when we pray and when she heard them pray,
she happily let them hold her hands.

K (9)

Because of someone little,
we laugh at monkey shines!
The more we laugh,
the more she performs.
We have a problem.

K (2)

Because of someone little,
there is a pink blanket and a nippy floating around all the time.

We have to sweep the kitchen floor many many times
after her demolition calling “eating alone!”

K (10)

Because of someone little
big sisters play with,ย  read to and love on her.
Big brother makes her squeal with all his teasing.

We deal with bouts of crying and wailing
then we find big teeth popping through
and we all feel sorry for her.

K (1)

Because of someone little,
we have lots of hugs and squeezes.
We sit and hold because she wants it.
We have lots of cuddle time.

K (14)

And when someone little squeezes you tight,
you want to remember that moment forever.

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