Little Ones Loved

Tonight my thoughts swirl around,
always coming back to the same thing,
these littles ones that were loved and lost.

So many babies prayed for, loved, longed for,
so many babies gone before we could meet them.
Or we meet them and they are quickly
swept away to Jesus as soon as they arrive.
Our hearts break.

My friend recently suffered the loss of a little one.
Today marks the birthday of a sweet little girl who would have turned 6.
Another friend waited years and then lost to a miscarriage.
Still another friend carried her precious daughter to term
but she was gone when she came.
I hear of others I don’t know personally,
little ones leaving big, aching holes in their hearts.
So tiny, yet so loved.

My minds goes back years to the summer I loved and lost.
So many questions swirled in my brain.
All the “Why’s? What was wrong? Why me?”
Finally there was nothing left to say but “Jesus!”
And He was there.

As I sat on that porch swing and felt the gentle breeze,
He whispered, “Some day, some day you’ll understand!”
At the time it hurt so badly,  the tears streamed,
but time has healed the heart.
I still miss that sweet one I never met
and some day I hope to understand
when I meet my little one and Jesus.

Awhile ago I wrote something for my friend.
Tonight I revised it a bit for all of you who are
missing someone little.


Dear Mommy,

I thought of you today
and I just wanted to tell you so.
I miss you and I see your tears
when you think of life without me.
I wish I could give you a hug,
just squeeze you tight
and tell you how much I love you.

It’s beautiful here,
so warm and lovely,
with fields of pretty flowers.
I love to run and play
then dip my toes in the river.

Jesus is here.
He plays with me and holds me
because He loves me a lot.
It’s nice to have Grandpa here too.
He tells us stories about you,
Daddy and my family.
I like all the stories
but my favorites are ones about you.

I wish I could have lived with you,
felt your hugs and kisses
and listened to you laugh.
I know I would have loved to snuggle with you
in a soft, warm blanket while you sipped your coffee.
I wish you could have taught me
all the things Grandma taught you.
I wish Daddy could have read Bible stories to me
while I sat on his lap.

I miss you so,
but Jesus takes good care of me
and I am happy here.
Someday I’ll see you again.
I’ll hug you and give you kisses
and we’ll be together forever.
I can’t wait.
I just wanted to tell you
that I love you and I think about you all the time.


Your Little One


9 thoughts on “Little Ones Loved

  1. LOVED those words! In a few weeks it will be 2 years my little one was gone. That baby is still so precious to me. You brought tears to my eyes!


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