Friday Photo Dump #3

Random photos from my phone.
It’s fun to look back thru these photos,.
kind of a walk thru my life since I got it.
These are some from the last week.

I tend to take more photos then the average person I think because my kids are now saying,
“Hold still till I get Mom’s phone!”


If you, or anyone you know, are in need of new eye wear, give us a call.
We would be more then happy to fix you up with a super cheap pair.
No prescription necessary.


The stage of crawling on top of everything has begun.
She reminds me so very much of my wild child Reagan.
Look out world.


Mr D while we were shopping.
He was so tired of the “girl stores” so he tried on glasses to entertain himself.
When we came to another pink aisle he says, “Naah, I think I’ll skip this one!”


We did manage to hit a “boy” aisle.
The girls went through and quickly pushed every single button on every single toy
and the poor kid couldn’t handle the noise.
He has super sensitive ears and holds them shut for the slightest noise
so this was totally over the top for him.


This is how we bake at our house.
If you stop in, I would advise you not to eat any of this batch of cookies.
Little One just learned how to dip your finger in for a bite of dough.
I finally made them stop and Mr D looks at it for awhile and says,
“Oh my word, I would just like to jam my tongue down in that cookie dough!”


She was a total nut case over cookie dough.

I had told them to stop licking dough and after I took a pan of cookies out the oven
I looked over to see Dakota holding the cookie scoop very close to his mouth.
“Did you lick that scoop?”
“No. I just put my tongue on the side of it and then took it off!”


At the rate she picks, we shouldn’t have a yellow dandelion anywhere in the lawn.
She loves them.
Sadly, the crop is so plentiful that she has a lot to choose from.


Tinker toy time while Little One sleeps.
If she’s awake, it’s just a mess.
Whatever he builds, she is right there to grab and run!
It is also noteworthy that he chose his own clothing that morning.


Beautiful, beautiful day!

Laundry flapping in the breeze,
leaves popping out on the trees,
and blues skies with a few fluffy clouds.


Just in case there is the slightest possibility that the girls want to use one of the swings,
he makes sure to use them all.


She loves to eat alone.
She holds the fork in one hand and uses her fingers on the other hand to pick up the food.


Today while driving he says to me,
“Mom, did you say it’s Dad’s birthday next?
I know what I’m gonna get him…..
a trampoline! He’ll love it!”

~~ ~~

Life is good.
Enjoy today.

3 thoughts on “Friday Photo Dump #3

  1. There have been many times in my life I have wanted to jam my tongue in a bowl of cookie dough. ha ha ha loved that! I am saving up to get a Bosch by the way. I still haven’t replaced my mixer.


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