Family Days

A new nephew was born a few weeks ago
and was in need of meeting his favorite Aunt
so the 2 Littles and I made a trip to Grandma’s.

It was a relaxing few days,
a little cooking,
a lot of chatting,
a lot of kid care
some baby holding
coffee drinking
and I enjoyed it all.

When you don’t live close to your family,
things like this take on a new meaning.
You appreciate time spent with them
in a different light then if you live close by them.

IN 1

Mr D made the most of his time there.
Since they moved to the new house
there is a trampoline and a swing right outside the back door.
He had tractor rides,  golf cart drives,
played with the cousins,
went to an “awesome” ball game
and wasn’t ready to come home.

IN 2

 Mr Bryce came every day.
He loves hats and will wear Grandpa’s
every chance he gets.

IN 3

These guys went to pick flowers for their moms.
We all got many, many handfuls.
Max let me know that his aren’t for me,
they are for his mom even if she isn’t here!

IN 5

You have to know this child
to understand what an amazing thing this is.
He is unbelievably scared of dogs.
I had to force him to let Willie come lick his hand
and he was shaking all over.
I made him rub Willie’s head a little
and he decided it feels like a teddy bear.
It seemed to do the trick for this dog,
but not the bigger one.
He still skirted way around Molly
and only took that chance when she was sleeping.

IN 6

This was just the greatest.
Grandpa puttered around the field with them
and they thought they were really working.
Dakota got a thrill out of watching the
tractors, disks and planters on the way out.
Good entertainment for a “city” boy.

IN 7

The little man we went to meet…
He is 5 weeks old and
he started to roll over while I was there.
He reminds me so much of
Dakota as a baby, a hefty little guy!
Little One is to be feared and for good reasons.
Eyes! Poke. Poke. Squeeze. Squish. Lay. Lift!

IN 8

I went down and got the Little Man’s
2 sisters for a little evening shoot.
We had fun.
I think Katelyn missed Madison and Reagan
as much as anyone.
Her and Dakota played together one day
and actually enjoyed it.
I don’t think they have ever played together before
because Katelyn and Reagan are always off somewhere.

IN 9

We tried for a little shoot with Nick but…
it started out badly,
there were only a few small smiles for his Dad in the middle
and then it ended just like it started.
So we quit.

Early the next morning we loaded up and headed home.
When we picked the girls up at school that afternoon
one of them announced,
“I had no idea you do so much!”

hmmm, maybe I need to leave a little more often. 🙂


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