To the Lady at Wendy’s…

To the lady at Wendy’s today…
I thought about apologizing, but decided not to.

When we pulled in at the same time,
I saw you look over at me and then race to
be the first one to the door.
No hurry here, I surprised you
by getting 2 children out of my van.

I know you were upset with your husband for not hurrying too,
but he was only removing his jacket
and yes, I saw he was taking his good old time about it.

I know, my son was slow coming down the side walk
and you had to hold the door for us longer then you wanted
while you waited for your husband.
I heard you huff impatiently.

I figured you wanted to be first in line
so I was nice and herded my gang to the restroom
so that you could have the cold fries and mine would be hot.

I saw you glance back at me
while you scurried across the room with your food
and I got in line behind 6 other people.
I figured you would be done by the time we were served,
but I guess your husband slowed you down.

I thought about apologizing
when my son chose the table right next to you.
I know, we were quite noisy,
I saw you looking over your shoulder
with your brows lowered.

I thought about apologizing
when my daughter started squealing for ketchup.
It’s her new first love and she can
be quite demanding.

I saw you try to hurry your husband along
by busily cleaning up while he ate.
I know my kids were loud,
but did they bother you that much?

My son only wanted to play around instead of eating.
Daughter kept trying out her new found noise,

I thought of apologizing but instead I pitied you.
You seemed miserable.
Always rushing,
throwing annoyed glances my way
and being completely impatient
with your husband.

You did teach me a lesson though.
I am by nature a “hurry-er.”
I rush around with everything I do.
After watching you, I decided to slow down
and enjoy lunch with my 2 small children.
I decided not to hurry them along
everywhere we went.
We stood at length in the toy aisle
and he enjoyed every minute of it
because of you.

To the lady at Wendy’s,
I thought about apologizing, but I didn’t,
because I don’t want to grow up to be like you.

Don’t miss life because you rushed.



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