Sunshine & Sickness

I need some Florida sunshine on this day.
Some warm FL sun.


The sun is shining here but it’s not warm enough and
I’ve been holding a sick baby since Wed night.
We went to the Dr today.
No answers.


She has been struggling with a fever
and it does not make her the most pleasant little person.
Nights are less the stellar.
So we hold her.
A lot.

My eye lids…
they just want to slide shut today.
What me think I could stay up until after midnight
even when I had a sick baby.
Oh yes, I remember, it was friends,
good friends that were staying with us for the weekend.
We enjoyed every minute.


Multiple thoughts ran through my mind this weekend.
A young couple loosing their first baby.
Such heart ache.
I was glad to hold my sick Little One.

The verse about God’s mercies new every morning…
I’m thankful.


Sitting at home on Sunday morning  made me thankful for church
for friends, for community.
We had a snowy Sunday, 2 Sundays in FL
and now a sick Sunday.
It feels like a long time since I’ve seen my people.
What do the people do with no one?

A quote I read:
“Lord, empty me of me so I can be filled with you!’


Tonight is…
holding baby
currently some deer hunting happening in the living room
cleaning basement
(this is suppose to be happening now)
((all I hear are loud noises))
the settling of squabbles
an early bedtime
(please come quickly)

2 kids. a doll. a stroller. and boots just flew past my window.
Is Spring actually coming?

4 thoughts on “Sunshine & Sickness

  1. The pictures are so pretty! Sometimes when you come home from vacation and hit reality so hard it makes it kind of hard to believe that other world is out there. 🙂 But then sometimes the super amazingness of vacation helps you remember how much you adore your family, and helps you push through the crumbiness. 🙂 I hope your baby feels better soon. It’s so hard to see little ones so sick.


  2. oh, i so FEEL you!! longing for that florida sunshine too.
    your pictures are all so dreamy –
    that last shot of you and your little guy.. so perfect.
    love the softness of them all.

    hope baby girl is better soon.
    but yes, in light of other’s sadness..
    holding our sick babies, tired as we may be, is an easily missed blessing.

    have a happy wednesday, shan!


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