Life as of Now

One is in the closet reading. again.
One is slogging through homework. again.
One is on the couch because of naughtiness. again.
Yelling, “Someone read Hoppity to me.”
One is crying at my legs to be held. held. held.

The computer is blaring out music and over the din
I heard something to the effect of the singer
missing the sound of pitter-patter feet
and I think, “What? I can’t even hear the feet.”

Supper is smoking away on the stove.
Toys scattered across the floor.
Mr Lifesaver comes in and takes Little One.
Big One comes to help.
Middle One finishes work.
And the Naughty One is off the couch
and on to other business.

We eat.
Amid much action.
Lots of talking.
Food getting.
School stories.
They finish.
They leave.
We heave a sigh and finish.

Table cleaned by little people.
Big One reads Hoppity to the Son in her best Daviess Co impersonation.
Middle One whisper reads to herself to win a prize at school.
Little One plays with her Dad on the floor.

Dishwasher full.
Counter top cleaned.
I sink in a chair.
And I listen.
To arguments.
Baby crying.
Kid chatter.

A few projects finished and the night is over.

And I write to remember.
To remember the chaos.
The noise. The fights.
They tell me I’ll forget.
They even sing songs about it.
And I wonder, how will I ever forget THIS?
Maybe someday.
Just maybe someday, it will be quiet.
And then I’ll probably wish for noise.


7 thoughts on “Life as of Now

  1. Sounds so familiar. And I wonder the same thing. I just told my husband the other day, “You know all those people who say the house is too quiet and they miss the noise? I just cannot imagine that right now!”


  2. You have such a gift, Shannon! I mean it. I envy you. I’ve felt there is a children’s book somewhere deep inside me. Someday it will surface and I will sit and let the words flow … like yours do. You are so special to me. Praying your day is full of love … like all your days are!

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  3. So sweet. I am with you, sometimes the noise almost drives me crazy but then God always reminds me to hold on to these days because someday I will miss them!
    Great post, it pulled me right in.


  4. ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS MOMENT?!!!SEIZE THE DAY!! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Just last night I was again sighing over the difficulties of getting everyone out the door in time for bible study and once again being late. One of the ladies (of course) said, enjoy it, in the evenings our house is so quiet! I looked at her rather enviously and said, “sounds divine!” Someday, I’ll look back and be so very thankful God gave me the opportunity to parent these littles but I will NOT be the one to tell others in this stage to enjoy every moment. For now, I’ll keep chanting “All I have needed The hand hath provided…”


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