Happy Birthday Little One

Today, 1 year ago we rejoiced at the birth of a tiny little girl,
today we celebrate her sweet, fun-loving spirit.

KGH (1)

My, how time flies.

She went from the tiny baby who slept all the time,
to a silly laughing girl who rarely sleeps.
And wants to put everything in sight in her mouth.

She went from sweet snugly baby who loved to be held,
to a fighting little toddler who hates to sit.
Why sit when you can run?

She went from squeaky newborn cries
to little girl chatter of “Mama and Dada.”
In the grocery store she yells, “Dada!” at every male she sees.

KGH (2)

She started out drinking 2 oz of milk a feeding.
She still doesn’t really like to eat.
A few bites and she’s done.
Don’t try to force food into her mouth,
she can spit with the best of them.
If the kids sneak her a bite of candy,
now that’s a different story.
She’s all for that.

KGH (3)

She loves to look at books,
to have someone play with her.
She loves to run,
to be chased down the hall.
She loves cleaning out cabinets,
carrying things all over the house.

KGH (4)

She is an early riser,
but she never gets up grumpy,
(unlike her mom!)
She’s always smiling when you get her out of the crib,
loves to play around with you before she is interested in breakfast.
I have probably slept less this year
then any other year of my life,
but I’m still alive. 🙂

KGH (5)

This is her favorite blanket.
She plays with this edge while she falls asleep.
I put my other kids straight into bed and they would fall asleep on their own.
Not her, she wants to be rocked, walked, and held, to go to sleep.
So we cuddle.


Tonight we had a little party.
More for the other kids then her,
but she enjoyed the attention! 🙂

KGH (6)

Dakota declared that pink frosting will not be good.
Strangely, he had no problem eating his later!

KGH (7)

She was so thrilled with her candle.
She can’t blow yet so they did the honors for her.
Licking. Tasting. Mmmmm this is good.

KGH (8)

“HEY, this is  really GOOD!
And I can make a mess!!!”

KGH (9)

Face plant. {mmmm}
“And everyone is watching me and laughing!!
I love it!”

KGH (10)

“Oh man, I want to have a birthday every day!”

KGH (11)

After a bath, she unwrapped her gift with lots of help.
She was not all that interested in it,
just wanted to rip paper and put the doll’s nippy in her mouth!
Now after many meltdowns, she needs her bed.

Happy Birthday Little One.
We love you so!


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