This Week and More

Last Sunday everything here was a frozen Tundra…


So they put it to use and had a sledding party at church.
It was as cold as it looks. They were ready to head back to the top of the hill.
I dropped off the kids, Eric came in a bit, I snapped a few pictures
and hurried home to warm my hands with some coffee!!


Would you like a straw to go with that chocolate milk?


Page 074

The funny one here.


I made the girls clean their room. again.
Me: “Doesn’t it feel good to walk into your room and…”
(major interrupt)
“I can always walk into my room, whether you call it clean or not.
I might have to walk on stuff, but I can always walk in!”



Sweet relief for all of us when we travel!
We are going to FL for Spring Break.
If anyone would like to donate for a plane ticket for Little One,
we won’t turn it down!


“Yes, Mother, selfies are so old fashion!” she mutters as she rolls her eyes.


Her: “What does it mean to dream big?”
Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Her: “Oh, like that. Umm, a spy probably.”
Sister: “You can’t be a spy! You go to church!”


Page 076



We were at a motel overnight this week.
The room looked like a pirates ship.
Mr D was amazed!
I think his natural smile was stolen by pirates.


I baked this afternoon.
Mr D was caught with his hand in the powdered sugar.
“Don’t eat that! It’s pure sugar!”
He replied, “I know. That’s why I’m eating it!”


My thankful list!

Spring like weather.
Sheets flapping in the wind.
Fun sisters home for a visit.
Family times.
My kids and husband.


And the burning question of the day:

What’s for lunch tomorrow???


7 thoughts on “This Week and More

  1. I love reading your posts! Taigen is just a bit older than Dakota, and they sure have allot in common! šŸ™‚ We are having roast with carrots and potatoes tomorrow…because that’s all the farther my brain extends after making a strawberry pie…


  2. I get such a bang out of you and your frozen tundra.
    We are having scalloped potatoes with sausage for dinner tomorrow.
    I’m only slightly jealous about the idea of Florida. Have fun!


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