God’s Sense of Humor

God has a sense of humor.
But sometimes I wouldn’t mind being spared it.

Seems like every time you come across something in your life
that needs a little help, a little changing, a little adjusting,
He’s more the willing to jump in and give you something
to help work on that area.

In a book I’m reading there was a chapter on Change.
I jotted a few quotes down while I read.

“To be sorry means to feel bad. Change is when you’re repentant, deeply convicted,
and begin correcting and transforming that area of your life.”

“Do you want to live life with regret?
Are there things in your life right now that you would regret?
Make changes to avoid having this happen.”

“It won’t be easy, you’ll need grace.”

So what were the changes I want to make?
I won’t tell you all of them,
but one involves the latest episode we had here today.

“My response to my children when they do something wrong.”
is what I scribbled down.

I’m pretty sure God chuckled and said,
“Well, I can help you work on that!”

And he did.


Yes, that is paint.
Yes, that is my kitchen floor.

Did I pass the reaction test?
I’m not sure.

We had 2 gallons of paint sitting here that go upstairs.
Reagan offered to carry them up.
“Sure, go ahead,” and she started out with one.
5 seconds later I hear the son’s voice,
“Man, I’m strong!”
Immediately followed by a BOOM!

I whirled around so fast I can’t remember what came out of my mouth.

Some reason, although I’ll never ask why,
he decided to help by carrying one too.
Thankfully, some how, although I’ll never know how,
when he dropped it, it flipped over and landed on the lid.
But boy oh boy, did it splatter far and wide.

The picture was taken after the access was all scooped up with paper towels.
I sent the kiddos all downstairs and I cleaned.
For. a. long. time.
I managed to get it all scrubbed up,
but I’m sure there is still some hiding somewhere
to be found at a later date.

While I was down on my hands and knees scratching away,
I remembered what I had written this morning
and knew God had sent me a test, asap.

Be careful what you ask for.


8 thoughts on “God’s Sense of Humor

  1. Oh. my. goodness. Thank goodness it was tile and not carpet!!!!!!! Did it actually all clean up? That’s when you wonder why in the world the lid couldn’t stay on, you know. 🙂 But in this whole, careful what you ask for type of thing …. can you think of a way I could “ask” to go into labor tonight? 😉


  2. I have prayed that prayer too – and sure enough, tests have come that have really stretched my resources!! I love the quote that I’ve heard once “When you pray for patience – God doesn’t dump it on you from above – rather brings you opportunities to learn patience!” Sooo true. BTW I know I’m a complete random person reading your blog – but I reckon if we met in real life we’d be great friends!!


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