It’s Tuesday

You see there are Monday Musings, Monday miscellaneous,
Friday Photo, and all kinds of titles to fit other days,
but nothing rhymes with Tuesday.

The cold has frozen my brain cells.
This post is a random hodge-podge of this, that and the next,
so if you only post or read well put together pieces,
I’d advise you to stop now.


More of the same. Day after day.
To the people wishing for snow,
I am counteracting that wish with Spring!


Even the cat agrees with me,
this must come to an end soon!


My current rant of the day:

Dear Pinterest,  at the moment, I am not overly fond of you.
You see, I google and my girls gaze in ahhh and declare,
“The best has been found, by none other then pinterest. Mom, let’s do this.”
So we collect here and we buy there and we get this
and we get that and we start our project.
All goes well at the beginning but shortly thereafter,
things began to go sideways.
Heat starts building internally at yet another project gone array.
I tell you, if I were a violent and swearing woman, Pinterest,
your life would have been in danger.
Nevertheless, the project is complete and they only look about
1 quarter of what they were suppose to look like.
And after a cooling period, we are all back in our sane minds
and will continue to google and gaze for the next time
with all thoughts of previous projects forgotten.
Until next time!


I finally have another one of these.
Mine quit in Sept. and I missed it.
With in an hour of arriving, it was churning out a batch of bread.
And Chocolate chip cookies.
We have happy little people here.


Only 2 weeks until Little One turns 1.
Where has time gone?
I am not a babybaby person that just LOOVES that little stage,
but this year seems to have flown by.
Granted I’ve slept less in the last year then any other year of my life,
maybe that’s why it flew by.
Or it may be the fact that I’m getting old and sentimental.

I started Dakota’s bath water and left the room.
When he came to get into the tub a few seconds later, look who had gotten in before he could.

At any rate, since the walking picked up to full time,
the naughtiness has also increased at a rapid rate of speed.
Toilet paper.
The power light on my computer.
Anything in a kitchen cabinet.
Walking circles around the table, over and over and over again.
It’s like her personal racetrack.
She closes doors all the time.
Closes herself into rooms.
Empties the entire toy box in one fell swoop.
Yes, if you have nothing to do, she would love to come over.

The other day I heard a muffled yell from the bathroom.
“Mom, we have a situation in here!”
I went to look.
He had cleaned out the bathroom cabinets and crawled in them.
She came along and closed all the doors on him.


She refills her school project milk jug bird feeder.
Yes, she wears 2 hats.
And who knows what all else under the coat.


And to make up for the evilness of this winter weather…
The inlaws arrived home from FL bearing all manner of fruits.


It was delicious I tell you!


Now I will go back to scrapbooking pictures of summer to keep me sane.



4 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday

  1. Yes this winter. What is up with how long and cold and drawn out it is? I and I semi- live in the south. I’m tired of it with you.
    Um, I can’t believe your baby is almost one. Seriously, you just gave birth like last week! What’s up with that?


  2. haha your pinterest rant was … worth pinning. hilarious.
    but didn’t you know about posting pics of chocolate dipped fruits?
    you can’t. there’s some for legal issue, I hate to tell you that but unless you get some of those strawberries to me asap… !!! I won’t tell the higher wordpress powers that be.


  3. Your cat, it looks so much like our cat. Funny. We call ours cupcake. Yours? I know I should be doing a pinterest project today with my children. Ah,maybe we’ll just bake cookies. I understand the love for a mixer. Love mine.


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