Outside my window…

Snow. snow. snow. snow. Snooooooooooooow.
White. Too much whiteness.
Annoying birds that keep pecking on a piece of frozen cat food.
A huge black and white cat that would love to live inside.
Little boy tracks all through the snow.

I am looking forward….

A weekend celebrating my mom with her brothers and sisters.
A warm spring break in about a month.
Anything warm.
No snow.

I am thinking…

About Sat night.
I yanked the jug of milk out of the fridge to fill bottles and gave the door a push behind me.
As I turned, I heard a loud ‘clunk’ and in slow motion, a half gallon of very sticky sweet tea
fell out of the fridge, bounced on the ledge and poured out all over the place.
The mess was enormous.
Inside and outside the fridge.
Under and almost on top of it too.
But that’s not the point.
The thing I’m thinking about was my response.
I did it. I made the mess. There was no one else even close.
Did I respond to myself the way I would have responded had it been one of my kids?
A far cry from it.
I quietly sent them all to the living room and cleaned it up.
There was no yelling, straightening them up,
telling them to watch what they are doing next time,
to “Please, please, please, be careful next time.
I mean, how in the world can you dump a whole jug of tea?”
There was no one to chew out except myself.
And I went pretty easy on her.
What was the difference?
I’m thinking it’s a huge thing I need to work on.

I am thankful…

A warm house.
Little people.
A hard working husband.
A wonderful church family.


I am listening…

to a little boy chatting to himself while he eats lunch.
Occasionally I have to “uh-huh” but he pretty much holds his own conversation.
chattering. singing. talking to bebe. She laughs at him.


In the kitchen…

A few pieces of pecan pie.
I seriously lack in the pie making department.
It was a boughten crust because mine do. not. turn out.
Who knows why, but it was very nearly burnt before it was done.
They ate it anyway because pie is so rare around here.
Hire me a chef, someone.

One of my favorite things…

Easy days staying home.
A little laundry, pick up and stuff.
Nothing pressing.
No busy schedule besides to get the girls off to school.
A lot of relaxing.
I guess if we have to have winter and cold, I’ll make the most of it.

A picture…

A Sunday snow day at home.


11 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. I always love to read your posts….and so often can relate. Totally get you on the spilled tea!! SO thankful my children are so forgiving when I tell them what I’m struggling with and why. They are sooooo quick to let it go and go on happily. We can learn a lot from our little people, can’t we. Glad you can look forward to a warm vacation soon. I wish!! hugs…


  2. I really do try to keep quiet when people complain about snow and cold. 😉 I don’t enjoy it much either and I live where it lasts for a very.long.time.

    So getting you on both spills and pie crusts. I can be very kind to myself when I’m careless.
    Have a fun, warm, wonderful vacation! And thank you for the family photo! You guys are ever so cute.


  3. I like daybook posts. 🙂 And though I will be grateful for warm breezes along with most everyone else, I do like to try to mbeace each season~weather AND the seasons of life! Thanks for all your thoughts and chit chat here.


  4. Ugh, just left a comment that somehow disappeared! So the gist of it was that I enjoy daybook entries . . . And that I’m wth you in making the most of the long cold winter that we’re in. Bring on the hot drinks . . . And plenty of comfort foods!! 🙂


  5. oh.. the jug of tea thing!!! i so identify. had the EXACT same thing happen, and yes.. it was even tea!! :)) i too need to work on being as easy on the kids when they make a mess. ugh! always so convicted over my quick temper!!

    hey- outside my window looks just like yours. only, probably a bit deeper!! ;))

    i’m looking forward to spring and summer and NO SNOW too!!

    happy thursday!


  6. I am sooo ready for summer, flip flops, iced coffee, sun kissed faces and……. I can also so relate to the spilled tea, I too often yell at my girls when they spill something. Thanks for the reminder and I love reading your posts, you’re so real 🙂 have a happy Thursday!!!!


  7. Well, I’m not doing so hot at embracing the season around here either. How about we all just fly to southern California for awhile or something. But goodness! Do you have sunshine? That’s a plus. I am pretty sure the sun never shines around here. Oh wait. It did today. That counts for one good thing. 🙂 And the tea story? YES! I had a huge epiphany about that a few months ago and I’m trying really, really hard to work on it but it’s a terrible habit to break! It gets easier when they’re old enough that you can just calmly say, “well, clean it up.” 😉 Happy weekend!


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