Friday Photo Dump

We’re feeling better.
Sickness seems to have moved on, other then colds.
Hopefully it stays that way for the rest of the winter!

This post is just a random collection of cell phone photos.
It kind of goes against my grain to post these because my phone doesn’t take the best pictures.


He could not have been happier.
Duck Dynasty boxers for Christmas.


Should we be worried?
I found this note one morning.
When I questioned her she says,
“Well I already left and came back and you didn’t even know it.”
Oh, well sorry about that!


Cleaning out the closets when we moved mom.
We thought this was necessary for protected when we opened the closet doors.
(If you know mom, you know that is not one bit true! She has the cleanest closets around!) 🙂


 Just a bit small!
Ya think? 🙂


When one child cleans bathrooms for me, this is what we find.
Notice that the rug is already put back down so there is little danger of slipping.


It was very cold here. Very cold. This is the inside of the bedroom window.


When Aunt Amanda brings cinnamon rolls for his breakfast, he is happy!


She put her to sleep.
She just longs to rock her to sleep and K will have nothing to do with it.
This time she let her and Reagan was so happy.


She walks.
IF she feels like.
IF she wants to.
IF she wants to go slow.
Crawling is so much faster.


Kitchen help these days.
Baking is work!


Dakota wants help playing a game.
Madison tries to read and play at the same time.
Help arrives in the form of a pink person!


Every. single. time. we open the door.
I had opened the drawer, put stuff on the counter and when I turned around, there she was.


No matter how cold it is outside, coffee with friends warms you on the inside.


She thought she had it made.
Becca let her have the peanut butter dish!


Happy thankful thoughts today.
– A warm house
– A napping baby
– Laundry= we have clothes to wear
– Memories of a day with friends
– Beautiful sunshine even if it’s 5.5 degrees
– That I get to stay home all day
– Music
– People who send Christmas cards in Jan.
– School teachers for my girls


“The Lord your God is with you,
    the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
    in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
    but will rejoice over you with singing.”
Zeph 3:17


7 thoughts on “Friday Photo Dump

  1. Just spent some time catching up on your blog.
    Glad everyone is feeling better…a sick household is not fun.
    A few of our windows look like yours! Frozen on the inside and out.

    Love your thankful list…always so much to be thankful for…even in winter.
    Although the sun is shining today and tricking us into thinking it’s warm, when it’s freezing!!!
    Happy Weekend to you! XxOo


  2. I enjoyed the pictures even if they aren’t from your good camera. I feel the same way about posting pics from the phone. But I more often get pictures on my phone that get missed otherwise. The ice on that window makes me shiver!!!


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