This Week and More

Ahoy mateys!
Oh, is that a warm climate greeting?
Well by all means, this frozen tundra could not be called warm.
Enough of that, we all know it’s cold out.

IMG_111 (1)

What is happening in our world?
Of all that, I am not sure.
A little bit of sickness, a little more Christmas.
Some Lightroom, some cleaning.
A lot of cold, a lot of coffee.
A lot of NOT going outside.

IMG_111 (3)

Some how all of the remaining dish washing soap was dumped in the bath water.
2 inches or so that was in the bottle.
We now have a bubbling, squeaky clean drain.
Some how.

IMG_111 (2)

We replaced the faucet on a bathroom sink.
Did I say we?
My bad.
He replaced….

She and Mr D. helped each other make brownies.
I think if you should stop for a visit, pass on a taste.
There were a lot of a lot of a lot of licks.
I’m a mom, I ate some anyway.

IMG_111 (4)

Someone did not put the Nesquik Chocolate powder on the top shelf.
Someone else opened the lid and loved it!!

IMG_111 (5)
She was so happy doing this I almost just let her play.
Guess there are worse things to eat.
She didn’t seem to have any after effects. 🙂
Maybe it will make her hair grow.

Speaking of cleaning…
Do you have a basement?
Our basement is one big room.
It is a catch all.
It is the storage area, the complete and only storage I have.
It is the kid’s play ground, the gym.
It stores the canned goods, the freezers.
There are 2 couches, 1 love seat and multiple chairs.
It is the sewing room, the furnace room and Mr’s office.
It is home to many spiders and hosts the wood stove.
Now where was I going with this?
Oh yes, we cleaned it.
And I was in a “throw away” mood.
(I think Eric was scared for his things)
More things should have went then did,
but we’ll leave that for another day.
Do you have a basement?
What’s in it? And my burning question…
HOW do you keep it clean all the time?
There is just a constant array of “things” all over the place down there.
I really am thankful for a basement.


I said we had a late Christmas.
“Jammie Christmas” to be exact.
The kids always get a new set of pajamas from Grandma H every year
and they are always thrilled.
This year did not disappoint.

IMG_111 (6)

As soon as the jammies are passed out,
they all race to different rooms to put them on
and then come back for a picture together.

It may or may not have been a child living here
that was cleaning their ears and announced:
“Hey, I think there is chocolate in my ear!”
Lord, have mercy!

Give me food ideas.
As often as I post recipes on here, I do not enjoy cooking.
I am hosting our youth group and need some snacks.
What to make is my never ending thought this week.
What would you make?


6 thoughts on “This Week and More

  1. This isn’t a snack, but for a Sunday evening supper recently, I made taco soup (with cheese, sour cream & chips as toppings), fresh focaccia herb bread with marinara dipping sauce, apples with caramel dip, and cookies. Everyone seemed to enjoy it! These pretzel sandwiches are quick and easy, if you make them ahead: You could do brownie sundaes with a bunch of different toppings, a big batch of homemade hot cocoa, pigs in a blanket, soft pretzels with cheese dip, make your own yogurt/granola/fruit parfait, buffalo chicken dip… Can you tell I’m hungry?? lol!


  2. Aren’t basements meant to be catch alls, and spider webbie? ooops No help here! =)
    You children are just adorable… and baby dear with the chocolate. That is just the cutest thing ever!!!
    Love the jammie party and tradition! So fun!
    Happy winter….


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