A Christmas to Remember

We spent almost a week in IN over Christmas
and as my brother said, “It will be one Christmas we won’t forget.”

If you know my family, this post will interest you, if not, you may be bored. 🙂

This Spring someone hatched the plan of building Dad and Mom a new house and my brother Tris and his family move into the home place. It all sounded good and easy.
In reality, since my family is a “Do It Yourself” kind of gang, this plan involved a lot of work. They aren’t ones to sit around once something is decided, so things started happening quickly. We made many, many trips out there this year to “help” on the house. More like, Eric would help work, and I along with the tribe, went along and made more work.

Dad broke his leg the end of Oct so that slowed things down a little.
We went for Thanksgiving and they worked all weekend.
Will they move by Christmas?
No one knows.
Tris needed to be out of his house by the first of the year so push came to shove and with more workworkwork, sure enough, they were close to being ready to move by Christmas.

House (1)

We spent Christmas Eve with the family at my brother’s. The kids tore into their gifts and sadly in 10 min flat, it was all over. We simplify it by exchanging the kid’s names so 1 gift per child eases things.

House (2)

Little One had trouble letting the tree alone!
Tys and his chubs Mr. Nick.

Christmas day the family was scattered here and there and we relaxed for the last time until Sunday.

Thursday morning… let the fun begin.

House (3)

Thursday the guys did a lot of work in the house. Last minute things, shelving, electrical stuff, and I have no idea what all. We moved the freezer stuff, a refrigerator, odds, and ends. We cleaned, we packed, we… I don’t know what all we did. We just worked. The kitchen cabinets are not finished yet so they bought a used set for the garage and Mom is cooking out there for now. It was pretty cozy kitchen when we got it all set up. The guy’s theory, back the van right in the garage/kitchen, open the gate and unload your grocery’s. What more could you want?

House (4)

Building shelves in a closet.
Little boys giving rides.
Mr. D was mad. He didn’t want them to push her for some reason.

House (5)

Watching them bring loads of things. One thing about moving close by is the ease of just tossing stuff on a trailer and away you go. No packing carefully, taping boxes and all that stuff. The bad part, it can be very hard to find things later because of the tossing approach to packing.

House (6)

Some of the Aunts were very gracious and brought lunch for us on Thursday.
That night we hung out in the new living room while the guys kept working.

House (7)

Dad and Tris working in the basement.
Let brotherly love continue with the other 3. 🙂
I think it may have been an attack on Eric.

Friday was the main moving day!
Everything went. Well, almost everything…

House (8)

Tris put it well since he’s packing and moving too.
“It’s easy to move the necessities. It’s all the stuff that’s left over that you don’t know what to do with!” So true. I’ve moved a few times and know the feeling. Boxes and boxes of stuff and still stuff left over.

House (9)

Dad may be on crutches or the wheelchair, but he’s still in charge, even while he babysits Little One.

House (10)

The guys would cheat and not pull the drawers out of the dresser or desk, then on the way up to the house, the drawers would start sliding open! Use your imagination about the lamps just sitting there. Want these guys to help you move? 🙂 Nothing was broken.

House (11)

From the new house, looking down at the old. It’s a little farther then it looks on this picture. The girls loved to ride along on the loads, esp if there was furniture to sit on.

House (12)

One more load.
As opposed to how it looks, we had most everything up there by noon.
After lunch, the guys went back to working on things around the house and us ladies were left with organizing and putting things in place. It didn’t all get done but at least the big things are in place.

House (13)

Mom has lots of room in her dining room. It was a tight squeeze in the old house to get all the adults around the table so this is pretty nice.
Taking a rest that evening. Notice very few kids sitting around, they were running wild.

House (14)

They have the coolest bathtubs for babies! 🙂 She loved it.
Aleigha has “sugar donuts” at Grandma’s Sat morning.
Sugar donuts are Grandma’s specialty. Cut biscuits, deep fry them and roll in cinnamon sugar. The kids always ask for them and Grandma took time in the middle of moving to make them.

House (15)

Madison reads to the girls to soothe a loose toothache.
The cheeser! 🙂
Wouldn’t you know in the middle of it all, she decides to pop that 2nd front tooth thru. The first 2 nights we were there were a nightmare. 2 hours of crying in the middle of the night. Things did improve a little after that.

Saturday was more of the same.
Unpacking, cleaning at the old house, endless things to do.

House (16)

We all went out to eat Sat night and then Eric and Tim put the ceiling fan up in the living room afterward.
Bryce and his Mama read a book.

House (17)

Sunday! Much happiest for a day of rest and lots of room to move around. We all enjoyed eating lunch that day. The kitchen cabinets go around the kid’s spot and an island will be in the middle, where their table is.

House (18)

Now, this is Home Sweet Home.
It was emotional. A few tears. Lots of laughs.
So many memories in the old place where we all grew up, but it’s good changes. I’m glad Dad and Mom have a new place to enjoy and happy that Tris and Lisa are moving into the old house.
We’ll make new memories in both places!


7 thoughts on “A Christmas to Remember

  1. Oh my. This makes me feel guilty for how lazy I was over Christmas. Your family sounds like a bunch of go-getters. How nice of you to be together and support each other this way. And is there actually no snow in Indiana?? 🙂


  2. What a busy, busy Christmas! We’ve had a few of those and while it’s nice to have the extra days off work to accomplish a lot, they are exhausting! I hope you get some time to just relax this week!


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